Nidhhi Agerwal’s Transcript for Munna Michael’s World Television Premiere

Nidhhi Agerwal’s Transcript for Munna Michael’s World Television Premiere

Nidhhi Agerwal's Transcript for Munna Michael's World Television Premiere

“I am a normal girl and I am the janta” – Nidhhi Agerwal

From a simple girl from Bangalore, to a celebrity – Nidhhi Agerwal has lived the fairy tale dream harboured by millions. An actor, a dancer and a model, Nidhhi showcased her skills and wowed the entire world with her debut film Munna Michael. Just one film old, Nidhhi has managed to garner a massive fan-following that swoons over her. The actress, who has signed up a host of big banner projects, will soon be seen in a Telugu film as its lead. Prior to the World Television Premiere of Munna Michael on &Pictures, Naye India Ka Blockbuster Movie Channel, on Saturday, 25th November at 8:00PM, we caught up with this stunning actress on her experience working on the film. Excerpts below:

Q) You had two film offers before Munna Michael. What made you pick Munna Michael as your debut film?

A) The other films that were offered to me were not as good as Munna Michael. I got to do so much in this film. I got to act, dance and work with people like Tiger and Nawaz Sir. So, it was a bigger and better opportunity. Also, I’m extremely blessed that such a big film existed for a newcomer, and I feel lucky that they wanted a newcomer because anybody would have given this film a nod. 

Q) What’s the kind of prep you undertook for this film?

A) Honestly, I got very less time to prep because we started shooting one month after I got finalised for the role. So, I immediately joined dance classes. I’ve always learnt dance, but my dance style was very different. The film has more of a hip-hop vibe, so I had the learnt that. I also started going to the gym very seriously and worked with my acting teacher every day. My daily routine comprised of acting, working out and dancing for a month.

Q) What was it like working with the action and dance maestro Tiger Shroff? How is he off-camera?

A) He is very funny. I don’t think he himself realizes how funny he is! Initially he talks less, but once he gets comfortable, you see his jovial side. We had to stop so many interviews just because I couldn’t control my laughter. Each time I watch the film, I remember a joke he cracked. So, it’s very difficult to be serious around him. Also, I feel that he’s a good soul and he would never do something wrong.

Q) How was your experience on set? Did it take some time for you to get comfortable or was it all fun?

A) It took me a bit of time initially. Tiger and Sabbir Sir have known each other for a long time and I was the only newcomer. There were times I felt like I didn’t know something and I would then ask Tiger who would explain it to me. But it was a lot of fun, especially the group scenes that we had. On the whole, I was treated very well by everybody. They treated me with a lot of respect.

Q) You said that you saw a different side to Nawazuddin Siddiqui during the film’s promotions. Any interesting anecdote that you could share with us?

A) While we were shooting, Nawaz sir and I didn’t interact much because I was too conscious about not messing up.  I kept reminding myself that I’m acting with ‘Nawazuddin Siddiqui’ so the focus was there. But during promotions you can just be yourself and relax. So, Nawaz Sir, again, is always cracking jokes. It was very surprising to see this side of him.

Q) What were your learnings from the director Mr. Sabbir Khan?

A) Everything from the basics that I know about being on set, is thanks to Munna Michael. I always thought that on sets it gets stressful because you need to get things done, but Sabbir Sir is always so relaxed. I learnt that you can make a movie without screaming at people or panicking.

Q) From a simple girl from Bangalore to a celebrity, what’s the transition like? Was there some struggle involved to get here?

A) A lot of struggle, yes. But, I think that if you have a difficult dream then there will be struggle. In my head, I was prepared that the journey is going to be very difficult but it is what I want. During difficult times, I never complain because it will be there and I know that. I accepted that it would be very difficult to become an actor and it’s even tougher once you become an actor. When you’re in the process of becoming an actor, you think that you just need to get that one film. But once you get that one film, the stress increases. So yes, a lot of struggle, a lot of loneliness sometimes self-doubt also. But at the end of the day, you just need to keep working on yourself. For me, I see myself in a certain place five years from now and I know I will get there, so let’s just see how

Q) Has the whole celebrity quotient sunk in or is it still new to you?

A) There are two possibilities – either it’s not sunken in or either in my head I was always a celebrity. I don’t know which one of the two it is. I keep telling myself that this is how it’s supposed to be and this is right and what was happening all these years wasn’t.

Q) Coming from a non-filmy background, you’re living the dream harboured by many young girls. What’s your mantra to success?

A) There is nothing else in my life except work. I don’t want anything else except to reach my full potential and be extremely successful and I’ll do whatever it takes to get there. I read this quote that said that – ‘All it takes is all you’ve got’ and that really hit me. I think that what it will take for me to reach where I want to reach is everything that I’ve got. So, I’m just giving all I’ve got right now.

Q) You’ve just completed filming a portion of Savyasachi that’s next in the pipeline. Could you share something about your role in the film and your experience on working in a South movie?  

A) Savyasachi is an action romantic film and I’m getting to work with some very nice people. I play the role of a simple girl who’s very innocent and independent. So, it’s not so glamorous like Munna Michael. It’s fun, actually, to play a contrasting role. The Telugu industry and their scripts are extremely nice. I’ve noticed that Hindi films do well in the north, but they don’t do that well in the south. But, I want everything! I want the north and the south.

Q) What’s the vibe like just before Munna Michael hits the small screen with the World Television Premiere? Is it the same as the release?

A) I think I was very nervous before the film released but right now I’m very happy that it’s coming on TV.  If a hundred people have seen it in the theatre, two hundred are going to see it on TV. I’ve seen the film so I know what kind of work I’ve done. Hence there’s no nervousness, but I’m very happy because I am a normal girl and I am ‘the janta’ so if they watch my film that’s just the best thing for me.

Don’t miss this thrilling dose of action and drama as &pictures airs the World Television Premiere of Munna Michael on Saturday, 25th November 2017 at 8 PM