Neha Kakkar Shah Rukh Khan song English press release

Singer, Neha Kakkar has finally decided to let the world know that Shah Rukh

Khan means the world to her!

With a simple yet ‘fan’tastic lyrics and music given by Tony Kakkar, the girl has

got every Shah Rukh Khan fan crooning to her latest number. The song originally

posted as Neha Kakkar Shah Rukh Khan Song is being referred to, by his fans as

‘Shah Rukh Khan anthem’!

After only 4 days of its release on youtube, the video had garnered over 1,60,000

views and comments from all over the world already begging for remakes in

different languages!

Many have commented on Neha Kakkars soothing yet sexy voice and have been

sending encouraging messages on her latest endeavor.

Neha Kakkar has done various stage shows and was among the top 11 contestant

in Indian Idol 2, has sung for the film Isi life mein and her first solo album was

Romeo and Juliet.

A rather jubilant and excited Neha Kakkar exclaims, “I only put it up on youtube

because I had made this for Shah Rukh Khan a long time ago when I was totally

smitten by him. But the Shah Rukh Khan fans all across the globe can now

connect to that song which has become a sort of an anthem! It’s sweet of them to

comment and like this video.”

Not only the fans, but Shah Rukh Khan himself tweeted and thanked Neha

Kakkar for this beautiful song. The Neha Kakkar Shah Rukh Khan Song made

news on NDTV & Sahara Samay ! Looks like this

young and talented singer is out there to start a whole new trend on this global