Naughty Gang Film Review

Naughty Gang Film Review

Naughty they may not be but Nutty they surely will make you !!!!!

Naughty Gang - Poster

Film : NaughtyGang

Producers : Sunder – Kishan & Ritu Jain

Director : Pankaj Kumar Virat

Cast : Viren Bika, Rashmi Mishra, Kaif Khan, Monika Ravan, Ramanjeet Singh, Sonia Bansal, & Mukesh Tiwari.

Rating : ⭐️⭐️ Stars 

After seeing the film my first impulse was to meet the Director. And I did manage to catch up with him. After having dialogue with him and the way he explained me the story and some innovations he had incorporated in the script it seemed quite interesting but somewhere along the line the Director in him could not hold onto his own ideas and the film goes haywire and the way the film boomerangs is just there to see which I sat through.

The title Naughty is grossly misplaced because there’s nothing naughty about the gang ! On the contrary they are committing crime after crime , creating nuisance and yet moving around freely and no law catches up with them which appears plain absurd and cranky.

There was a good chance for the director if he had kept control over his story it could have turned out to be a good rom com with naughtiness and comedy thrown in to set a lesson for today’s generation.

How these three spoiled brats Raja (KaifKhan), Harry (Ramanjeet Singh), and Ballu (Virendra Singh) best buddies since school days to their teenage escapades create nuisance all around, becoming a disgrace for the family and Institutions and indulging in all sorts of cheating, robbery and criminal stuff and still roam around free form the crux of the story.

Now the icing on the cake is after running away fro their home turf they land up into one of the Wellness Therapy Center run by yet another gang of girls and here too they are three of them Leela, Maya, and Mona also into conning and crook business. With  such a wonderful actor Mukesh Tiwari playing the character of a lovelorn Romiyo enacting some most bizarre and stupid scenes is a real pity. But being a good actor at least he manages to leave his mark and somehow tries to make his presence felt.

There’s no harm in making a no brainer stuff but in madness also if you can hold on to the narrative without falling into trap of typical cinematic jargon you can still create a laugh riot with some convincing performances which is lacking here.

Divya is the love angle in the film and because of her true love brings about the sanity in the whole naughty gang and the gang of crooks.

Anyways for Pankaj Kumar Virat, who seems to have flair for writing should try to contain his script and execute it the way he plans.

Music by Paresh Shah has it’s fine moments with some peppy songs sung by Sonu Nigam, Palak Muchal, and Naqash Aziz.