Nataliya Kozhenova 1st Actor to Body Art Lionel Messi

Nataliya Kozhenova 1st Actor to Body Art Lionel Messi

Bollywood being always driven by sports never escape a chance to showcase their love for football. As we come close to the finale of FIFA’ 14, the football world cup dominates most of the events and conversations.

Actor and super model Nataliya Kozhenova, adhere football lover and the 1st Actor who body art a portrait of her most favorite footballer Lionel Messi on her chest. In keeping with the FIFA’ 14 Nataliya exhibits her fondness for the footballer “I am an avid footballer lover and my favorite footballer happens to be Lionel Messi this is why I got his tattoo on my chest so that he will always remain close to my heart” she proclaims.

Being an ardent fan of Messi the super model plans to travel half way through the world to Rio de Janeiro just to witness her favorite player striking goals and spinning his magic on the field. Confirming the news Nataliya says “Yes! I am flying to Rio de Janeiro to watch FIFA’14 finals. I am very excited and thrilled to watch the finals, I am sure it will be a treat to my eyes to watch the best two teams compete against each other”.