Nandita Singgha & Designer Archana Kochhar to introduce “Employment Through Fashion”

Nandita Singgha & Designer Archana Kochhar to introduce “Employment Through Fashion”



On the occasion of International Women’s Day Nandita Singgha, Founder and Managing Director of Total presentation devices limited to announce four of her future projects under her Production house; Nandita Singgha & Designer Archana Kochhar to introduce “Employment Through Fashion”

 Her name Nandita Singgha, is synonyms to women power, she’s an epitome and role model for millions of women who desire to carve a niche for themselves but fail to explore their credentials and bridge the gap between inspirations to aspiration.

Being a successful entrepreneur and owing a production house is no cakewalk and Nandita Singhaa will surely vouch for it. Triumphing upon the hearts of millions, Nandita Singgha has her platter full with few films in the pipeline under her production house.  This Women’s Day activity will eventually grow into an online portal which will take place every year holding a vision to up rise women. Apart from honing aspiring women entrepreneurs, Nandita will also be looking at recruiting youngsters for her company.

Few films in the pipeline are: MIDDEY- Directed by Nandita Singgha is based on true incidents where she have taken certain characters of FEW journalists as reference who become powerful handling the entire system, underworld and ATS through journalism and bring justice to society; J RETURNS- Directed by Nandita Singgha is based on a true incident and story covered by a journalist  J who fights for Indian American doctor  Anandan Roy  bail and justice is based in US J is from Mumbai and works as a TV newsreader; MEGACORP- It’s a bilingual international movie based on true incident and accidents happened in pharmaceutical industry, the entire mystery was revealed a JAY a  journalist by profession when his own sister dies untimely; RED- Directed by Nandita Singgha, the plot of the film revolves around a group of journalists who identify themselves with code RED; they work voluntarily by secretly fighting for injustice happening in society. They are the true heroes of the society where lots of recognition is yet to be given to them.

I am inviting budding women entrepreneurs to share their venture dreams with me with a strong sustainable plan. If you have the determination and approach towards it, I would love to be a part of it and support the dreams. This Women’s Day, liberate your inner desire to be an entrepreneur. March 8th could be a new beginning for you and for me. If you dream of having your own business or running your own show, please write to me on [email protected]” says Nandita Singgha.

Amalgamating Nandita Singhaa’s business skills with designer Archana Kochhar’s fashion abilitiesthe two absolutely desirable successful ladies of their respective fields are going from strength to strengthFor all those women harboring on the ship of desires, Embark on a new journey this Women’s Day and set your sight on that one entrepreneurial goal every women wishes for. Encouraging women to enter the business foray, the ladies to introduce “Employment Through Fashion”. The best three winners of the contest will be groomed under Nandita Singhaa and Archana Kochhar’s guidance.

Wishing all the readers Happy Womens’ Day Nandita Singgha says “The subject of empowerment of women is becoming a burning issue all over the world including India since last few decades. There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. The empowered women are powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. Hence, is a token of love and celebration this women’s Day I am presenting them with an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and built a name for themselves”.

Wishing all the readers Happy Womens’ Day Archana Kochhar’s says “It’s a pleasure to join hands with Nandita Singgha and what better way than introducing the concept on International Women’s Day. We will groom three lucky winners and help them explore their credentials”

Nandita Singgha came and she conquered the hearts of million with her strong sense of leader ship quality. Her company Total Presentation Devices limited has become the first Bollywood production company to be ISO certified for quality services in the filmmaking process. ISO 9000 is a series of standards, developed and published by the International Organization for standardization (ISO), that define, establish, and maintain an effective quality assurance system for manufacturing and service industries. 

Ardent believer of the ideology #BeYourOwnBossNandita Singgha has proved her mettle in the field of technology and this is just an extension of the same mission in a larger prospective. Nandita Singgha an Indian women of third world country has a vision matching to the best of American corporate practices.

Surely there are lots to look forward to on this Women’s Day.