NAKSHATRA’s Feature Film ‘TERA MERA TEDHA MEDHA’ (Planned Release 2nd half of 2014)


(Planned Release 2nd half of 2014)

TERA MERA TEDHA MEDHA is quirky-topsy-turvy romantic comedy influenced by Planetary Disposition. It is a love story of two young struggling painters, the Rajan (Rahul Bagga) & Kamini (Geetika Tyagi), intertwined with the affect of two powerful planets Shani (Rajesh Sharma) and Mangal (Chittaranjan). Hilarious events erupt when jilted lover, young and vivacious Swati (Reema Worah), enters Rajan’s life. What would Shani-Mangal do next?

Story, Direction & Music: CHITTARANJAN TRIPATHY ,Producer: SANJIV CHOPRA; Executive Producer: ESHNA CHOPRA

Production Unit: NAKSHATRA SLIMFILMS (a unit of Nakshatra Cineaste Pvt. Ltd.)

DOP: Sanjeev Mohapatra; Production Design & Costumes: Puja Sharma;

Editor: Rajendra Mahapatra; Additional dialogues: Manoj Santoshi;

Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire (national awardee), Ritesh Shah & others;

Director: CHITTARANJAN TRIPATHY, an award-winning multifaceted NSD alumnus, Theatre, TV & Film Writer-Director-Composer (severally awarded 2007 Oriya feature film ‘Dhauli Express’ & widely acclaimed ‘Mukhyamantri’).

DOP: SANJEEV MOHAPATRA, an award-winning FTII alumnus, TV & Film Cinematographer (Best Cinematography 2010 for Oriya film ‘Swyamsidha’).

Producer: SANJIV CHOPRA, EP of award winning 2009 film ‘Chintu Ji’

Executive Producer: ESHNA CHOPRA, Production team of ‘Student of the Year’, 2012; ‘Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola’, 2013; and in-production Fox’s ‘Bang Bang’.

Main Filmography of Top Cast:

Rahul Bagga: Mastram, May 2014; Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, 2012; In-production ‘Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho’.

Geetika Tyagi: One by Two, 2014; What the Fish, 2013; Aatma, 2013. In-production Kranti Kanade’s new multi-lingual film.

Rajesh Sharma: Ghanchkkar, 2013; Special Chabbis, 2013;  Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, 2012; B.A. Pass, 2012; The Dirty Picture, 2011; Chillar Party, 2011; No One Killed Jesica, 2011; Ishqiya, 2010.

Producer Sanjiv Chopra’s Quote: “TMTM is the first-of-its-kind film which through a satirical comedy unravels the dirt within the field of art and beliefs & helplessness against planetary influences.”