My blog: A story I told !

My blog: A story I told

Australian Film Actor/Director Yahoo Serious has brilliantly said,

“Find your own specific voice in filmmaking and go for it. Either people will get it or they won’t and that’s what it’s all about.”

Knowingly or knowingly I did exactly that! I chose to make films that are from our very surroundings and more real than the original unsaid diktat of cinema to be fiction. And thankfully, I got support for the same from every corner. After 72 days of extensive shooting and great team work, I am a happy man with the response Heroine has got. So to begin with, I am thankful to all of you, my audience, for whom I make my film. It’s not an easy task to make a film that is about your own industry and yet I am glad that everything fell in place.

I have always been a maker who has loved to tell stories of my own conviction through my cinema. I told them when I was criticised and I told them when I was applauded. For me what matters is my honesty in my narrative.

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