Music of Horizon films “RIWAYAT” released by Varsha Tai Deshpande, (Convenor of Lek Ladki Abhiyan),

Music of Horizon films “RIWAYAT” released by Varsha Tai Deshpande, (Convenor of  Lek Ladki Abhiyan),


Hindi film “RIWAYAT” – exposing the shocking issue of female foeticide is Releasing on 7th Sept 2012

Music of a thought provoking film “RIWAYAT” was released by hands of well-known social activist Varsha Tai Deshpande (Convenor of the ‘Lek Ladki Abhiyan’) along with a actress and social worker Pooja Misrra on 14th August 2012, at Renaissance Club, Andheri (W)


, where in entire team including Narendra Singh & Arshad Siddique of Filmi Box where introduced to media. “Riwayat” is an upcoming Hindi feature film that handles the disturbing issue of female foeticide and infanticide, its music is being released by Filmi Box Music.

After watching promos of “RIWAYAT” Ms Varsha Tai said “I have done more than 34 sting operations against doctors who were responsible for killing female foeticide and I started hating doctors but now I am so proud of these two doctors Sanjay and Ajay that beside established in Australia, they have made this thought provoking film, which will help this noble cause, and I want each and every women in India to watch this film”. Pooja Misrra said that she had been active in various social activities and is proud to be a part of this campaign to publicize such a noble cause.

In a question that why did he decide to produce this film, Dr Sanjay Patole said that being a doctor he has  devoted past 25 years of his life in saving critically ill or premature newborn babies, including a baby of 450gram (which was nearly impossible), he thought to send out a message to save female foeticide specially in India, so the best medium was a full length feature film “RIWAYAT”.

Director Vijay Patkar who is well known for his comic characters enacted in Hindi and Marathi film has made “Ek Unad Diwas” which was critically acclaimed felt that with help of Dr Sanjay and Dr Ajay he has succeeded in making this film which has such a bold and serious subject.

Film is produced by two internationally renowned Indian doctors Dr Sanjay Patole and Dr Ajay Rane from Australia under the banner of Horizon Films Pvt Ltd. Film “Riwayat” is directed by well known Marathi and Hindi actor director Vijay Patkar, dialogues by Imtiyaz Hussein, music by Sushil Lalji. Songs are rendered by stalwart singers Shaan, Kailash Kher, Shreya Ghoshal, and the legendary Jagjit Singh and lyrics are by Sudhakar Sharma and Nusrat Badr. Cinematography is by Suresh Suvarna, art by Yunus Pathan, sound Shrikant Kamble, and editing by Dinesh Mengade.

Film “Riwayat” stars Samapika, Khalid Siddique, Salil Ankola, Achint Kaur, Sourabh Dubey, Aditya Lakhia, Narendra Jha, Rajendra Gupta, Mangal Kenkre, Gauri Kulkarni, Major Vikram, Rakhi Mishra, Tanya Tiwari & Sayaji Shinde in main roles with Kammal Adiib, Jaiwant Wadkar, Jairaj Nair, Milind Joshi, Alpa Joshi & Milind Yashod in the supporting cast.