Music Duo RaOol

Music Duo RaOol

Following the major success of their debut single ‘Meri Rani’ (Set to Blow), RaOol have decided to create a B-side which was released on Buzz Radio and aired live straight from the studio!

The incredible music duo – consisting of Australian singer/songwriter D Wunder and DJ/ Producer Macks Wolf – received a phenomenal response with their debut track which took the internet by storm! The revolutionary single – Meri Rani (Set to Blow) -was an immediate hit, smashing records by topping the iTunes World Music Chart and snapping up the Number 1 spot.

Now RaOol are ‘set to blow’ once again but this time with ‘Dhuwan’. The fresh new track follows in Meri Rani’s footsteps, in keeping with RaOol’s unique, genre-breaking sound with a mash-up of Hindi and English lyrics, set to an electronica/hip hop fusion beat! It’s clear that these boys are definitely here to stay.

To hear the preview of the track check it out here! Also take a look at this video of the boys in the Buzz Radio studio exclusively premiering ‘Dhuwan’

So stay tuned for ‘Dhuwan’ – the full track – coming soon!