Mumbai Gears Up to Thank ‘Mumbaiwalas’

Mumbai Gears Up to Thank ‘Mumbaiwalas’

Mumbai Meri Jaan2

Mumbai Meri Jaan to Salute Mumbaiwalas: A Photo Tribute to

The Real Heroes of Mumbai At Kanakia Zillion Art Gallery

A unique initiative to recognise the contribution of service providers such as Autowalas, Dabbawalas of Mumbai

Just imagine. In the morning, you are rushing for your office and you don’t find an Autowala or imagine a day when you don’t get your dabba delivered in the office by your Dabbawala, a day when your favourite Chaiwala is closed… Imagine a life in Mumbai without these small, yet important service providers, who are true ‘Mumbaiwalas’! Imagine our Mumbai without these Mumbaiwalas! Even a distant thought of their absence shakes us. The Mumbaiwalas are present in every section of our lives supplying almost every services from transportation to food to groceries, etc.

This fraternity of ‘Walas’ viz. Autowalas, Dabbawalas, Sabziwalas, Chaiwalas, Idliwalas, Doodhwala, Laundrywala, Bhelwala…who touch our daily lives, are an integral part of this vibrant city. They do not only strive hard to provide the best possible services to citizens, but they also have a fair share in the growth, status and prosperity of Mumbai. These Mumbaiwalas deserve appreciation and recognition for their seamless, timely services and for strengthening the economic and social fabric of the city. Now, it is time we appreciate their efforts for making our lives easy and extend our gratitude for their support.

‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’, an initiative by Kanakia Art Foundation, a community services arm of the city’s leading Kanakia Group, has come forward to commemorate the spirit of these true ‘Mumbaiwalas’. ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ is an endeavour to identify the real hearts and heroes of Mumbai, who are the creators, contributors and the supporters of this great city Mumbai and laud them for their significant contribution for the city’s growth and prosperity. In the second such initiative, by the Kanakia Art Foundation, ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ this year will salute the spirit of the Mumbaiwalas by assembling them on one platform and recognising their efforts for touching citizens’ lives. As a part of this unique programme, the live photographs of these Mumbaiwalas will be captured and placed at the Kanakia Zillion Gallery, a landmark of the city’s unique and innovative Art Gallery at Kanakia Zillion, BKC Annexe, in Mumbai.

As a gesture to convey a ‘Big Thank You’ for the services of these ‘Mumbaiwalas’, the citizens of Mumbai have already been invited to click live photographs of the ‘Mumbaiwalas’. The citizens can thus capture photographs of Chaiwala, Bhelwala, Autowala, Doodhwala, Sabziwala, etc. depicting them in action and signifying their dedication.

Delighted to launch this unique initiative, Mr Himanshu B. Kanakia, Managing Director, Kanakia Group said, “We want to showcase Mumbai’s true diversity and thank those who serve the city, day in and day out. Mumbai Meri Jaan is a way to celebrate the live spirit of Mumbai and this year, we want to salute those hands who have touched millions of lives in this city. The real Mumbaiwalas, who are common service providers like Autowalas, Dabbawalas, have important stake in our lives. We want citizens to share a platform with us to recognise the services of these people. We believe that moments captured are cherished and treasured by generations, and history is kept alive with photographs that tells us stories. Mumbai Meri Jaan will give many aspiring, professional photographers chance to showcase their talent and capture the beauty of Mumbaiwalas through their lens.”

The participants can then send their photo entries to Mumbai Meri Jaan. The entries will then be judged by renowned photographer, Mr Atul Kasbekar and the select photographs will be displayed at India’s largest Photo Gallery, Kanakia Zillion Gallery, at BKC Annexe, which houses a collection of more than 20,000 photographs spread over 700 metres of area. These photographs of Mumbaiwalas will add more glory to the spirit of Mumbai and the Gallery.

Kanakia Art Foundation will announce prizes for the winners of the best photographs. It has invited the citizens of Mumbai to participate in this unique initiative by sending more and more photo entries to salute these Mumbaiwalas. It has launched a dedicated media campaign to reach out to the citizens of Mumbai.

About Mumbai Meri Jaan

Mumbai Meri Jaan is more than a photography contest. It’s a celebration of Mumbai’s spirit. A showcase of Mumbai’s diversity. An opportunity for talent to come forth and shine. A single window to view the diversity that only a city likes Mumbai can offer. But what makes it really special that it’s a canvas created by the proud citizens of the city a.k.a. the Mumbaikars.

Post the first phase success, the second phase of ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ celebrates the man who serves the city, serves the citizens, day in and day out; the Mumbaiwala. He can be seen in many roles across the city as a Chaiwala, Bhelwala, Autowala, Doodhwala or Sabziwala. His contribution has been integral to the growth of Mumbai and it is his spirit that keeps the city of dreams, alive.

The entries will be judged by ace photographer, Atul Kasbekar and will be displayed at India’s largest photo gallery, The Kanakia Zillion Gallery at BKC. The gallery measuring 700 metres has a collection of more than 20,000 photographs.

About Kanakia Art Foundation

Formed in 2000, Kanakia Art Foundation is a non-profit, non-government, non-religious and a non-racial group committed to promote and nurture ‘World Art and Culture’. The foundation covers a vast expanse of various art forms like painting, poetry, pottery, sculpting, dramatics, dance, mural and music. The foundation has promoted a wide range of artists and helped them achieve substantial growth in their career.

About Himanshu B. Kanakia – Managing Director, Kanakia

Mr. Himanshu B. Kanakia is a civil engineer by qualification; he forms an integral part of the Kanakia Group and is the energy behind the day to day management. He has contributed largely to the success of Kanakia Spaces and Cinemax with his keen focus on engineering and innovative skills in project development and film exhibition business.