Mumbai City FC presents 2000 raincoats to The Mumbai Traffic Police

Mumbai City FC presents 2000 raincoats to

The Mumbai Traffic Police

With the city having seen an unprecedented amount of rainfall in recent times, Mumbai City FC owner, Ranbir Kapoor today presented 2000 raincoats to the Mumbai Traffic Police, acknowledging their service and dedication to the city creating congestion free roads.

The raincoats were presented to Mr. Milind Bharambe, Joint Commissioner of Police – Mumbai to help protect the traffic police against the heavy downpour and help them perform their duty with ease.

On this occasion Ranbir Kapoor, Owner, Mumbai City FC said that, “I have always mentioned that this club is for the people of Mumbai and this is a small token of appreciation to Mumbai’s traffic police. They work tirelessly day and night, weekdays and weekends; and sometimes, we all tend to take them for granted. On behalf of Mumbai city FC, I would like to thank Commissioner Milind Bharambe and his entire staff for the crucial function they perform”


Mr. Milind Bharambe, Joint Commissioner of Police – Mumbai, said that, “The Mumbai Traffic police appreciate the gesture shown by Mumbai City Football Club and we wish Ranbir Kapoor and his team good luck for the upcoming season.”

About Mumbai City Football Club:

Mumbai City FC is Mumbai’s franchise in the Hero Indian Super League. Bollywood actor and football enthusiast Ranbir Kapoor and chartered accountant Bimal Parekh together own the team. Mumbai’s D.Y Patil Stadium is the team’s home stadium. The team’s logo is a reflection of a resilient fortress that stands proudly, surrounding the logo that signifies the unrelenting, determined spirit of the city. The seven stars symbolize the islands that form Mumbai. Trains that are the very lifeline of the city ply millions of Mumbaikars across its vast expanse and connect these islands. Each passenger, each citizen of the city is bound together by their love for the place they call home. 20 million citizens, 20 million hearts pulse to a single beat – the heartbeat of Mumbai.

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