MTV Love School is back with Season 3 to discuss the new age relationship status: FOMO

MTV Love School is back with Season 3 to discuss the new age relationship status: FOMO

MTV Love School Season 3

Redefining #CoupleGoals once again, Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar will be seen mentoring troubled relationships~

MTV Love School Season 3 _ Karan Kundrra and Anusha Dandekar 

Life is beautiful when you’re in love, but what happens when FOMO creeps in your aww-so perfect relationship? What if your mind is engulfed with the thought that there could be someone better? What if your current love isn’t so? Fear of Missing Out is the common denominator that rules almost all modern relationships now-a-days. Unlike previous generations, millennials have grown up in a world of dating apps, which is constantly telling them that they can find “the one” with one single “Right Swipe”. Diving deep into this millennial phenomenon, MTV is back with the third edition of dating and relationship reality show – MTV Love SchoolSeason 3, powered by Engage Deos and Perfumes and co-powered by Alo Frut to rekindle the spark in strained relationships. As love professors, television’s hottest couple, Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar will take on the onus of helping these couples to enrich their relationship and strengthen their bonds starting 12th May, every Saturday only on MTV. 

MTV Love School is an institute for real- life couples in a mess and in a dire need to repair their relationships. Whether it is lack of compatibility, trust deficit, commitment or intimacy issues, couples will be tested on all these parameters via fun tasks and activities, which will help them to know their partner better. With FOMO at its helm this time, couples will have to cope with the additional threat of singles who are on a spree to find their soulmate. Testing the water, singles will be the perfect challenging ground for the couples to find out whether they truly belong together, or they need to explore more. Couples will not only get schooled in matters of the heart but also discover the depth of their partner’s loyalty with singles entering their lives. The Singles will get an opportunity to ponder over the mistakes of their past and to start afresh.

Commenting on hosting the show for the second time, Karan Kundra said, “Love is the most beautiful feeling that has ever existed but with time and ignorance, petty issues turn into bitter realities for couples. With MTV Love School, we aim to understand the issues that trouble the couples and ensure that they give their relationship at least one last chance. With this exciting twist, I can’t wait for this season to start as we have singles entering the already shaky paradise of couples, making it tougher for them.”

“MTV Love School season3 will bring in the real-world scenario for the couples and with the singles entering into their lives, they will reassess their relationship with a thought – is there someone better out there for me?” added Anushka Dandekar. 

From breaking and fixing hearts to writing a fresh love story, MTV Love School season 3 is all set to take the viewers on a Lovercoaster ride. The new format promises to bring lot of excitement, unpredictability and some tough lessons on love and relationships for the contestants as well as the viewers. 

‘I’m in love or I’m not in love’ to find out tune into MTV Love School Season 3, starting 12th May everySaturday at 7 PM only on MTV!