Most Advanced SUV Launched by Mercedes – M Class

The most advanced SUV created by Mercedes-Benz the M Class that is in its 3rd generation was launch by Percept ICE at Hyatt Regency, Delhi on the 15th May 2012.The New Mercedes Benz M-Class is a car ‘For those in Control’& exemplifies Mercedes-Benz’s philosophy of the ‘Best or nothing’ being the engineering marvel that it is.

The individuality that the car projects, the style statement and the adventurous spirit of an explorer are what makes this car so magnificent.

The look and ambience was designed and planned based on the, the all-new M-Class most visually distinctive avatar.

The car Exhibits a strong identity, its elegant and powerful lines make quite a bold statement. Keeping in mind the Car features and its bold statement the stage was kept simple and elegant and in sync with the brand requirement. Car features were showcased via a 3.8 mm led that was embedded on the stage. 3.8mm led is by far the thinnest led available in India marked with high resolutions and giving out the best visual clarity.

Peter Honegg, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India explains: “At the start of this year we had promised to introduce exciting new models into the market. We are proud to present today the New M Class, built to perform with the highest precision and follows the Mercedes-Benz new design language. We are confident that the quality of drive and the luxurious experience it can deliver will be a big hit with the customers and it will be warmly received.”

Meera Mull from Percept ICE “We have been associated with Mercedes since sometime now and we understand the brand essence. Our concept focussed to bring out the car’s identity; this helped us win the pitch. The set was designed in sync with the new model to be launched as well as the company’s international guidelines. Attention was paid to every detailing including AV screen’s sleek and abstract shape that was the part of the model’s features.”