More than 40 cities explored for the auditions of the lead role of Namah

More than 40 cities explored for the auditions of the lead role of Namah

Vikkas Manaktala-

Auditioning for a role is not just waltzing into a studio and reading some lines from the script, In fact it is one of the most difficult task for the actor as they try to bring the scripted character to life. And guess what, the makers of Star Plus’s upcoming show Namah has gone extra mile to lock the actors for the lead role of the show.

Natasa Stankovic (2)

Star Plus is all set to take audiences on a trip of the never heard tale of friendship of two unique school of thoughts, entities and divinities, the two gods from Hindu mythology Shiva and Vishnu. This is the first time ever in the history of television where a show has been made on the lines of Shiva and Vishnu’s friendship. Right from exploring the cities like Agra, Lucknow, Chhattisgarh, Jamshedpur, West Bengal, Rajkot, Surat, Jalandhar, the makers of the show have explored more than 40 cities across India in just three months to get the ideal face which could establish the onscreen persona of Shiva and Vishnu

Vikkas Manaktala

Commenting on the same, the makers of the show said, “We have tried to inculcate a unique concept which highlights the tale of friendship of two gods- Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu from Hindu mythology in the Television space. We wanted the ideal faces for the lead roles of the show, who will just not imitate a character or even an emotion, but will actually get into the depth of the character to express the emotion. And after a lot of struggle and exploring more than 35 – 40 cities, we finally found our perfect face – Vikkas Manaktala and Savi Thakur for the pivotal roles of the show. We are  confident that their strong screen presence and performance is well-received by the audiences and they shower their love and appreciation on them for their character.

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Namah-Anant mitrata ki maha gatha will air soon on Star Plus!