Money Devo Bhava Shooting Wraps Up


You heard it right, after all in today’s time, its money that drives us.

Films have always been a mouthpiece, a mirror that reflects the existing mood of the society. The genesis of any social change is always the youth. But in this era of scams and financial crimes where money is literally worshiped, the youngsters find themselves at crossroads where they are torn between idealism and materialism. How then does a youngster endorse an online campaign with a clear conscience when he has already sold his soul to acquire a fancy tablet?

MONEY DEVO BHAVA deals with the turmoil of today’s generation as it attempts to strike that near impossible balance. The film focuses on aspirations, morality and corruption but at a more individual level.

The film produced by Atul Pandey, well-known for the critically acclaimed film Summer 2007 based on farmers suicide, recently completed its shooting with a two month schedule in and around Dehradun. The film stars debutant actors Nikhil, Nina Sarkar and Amol Parashar along with Pooja Ruparel of DDLJ fame, Nakul Sahdev (Mod) and Ajay Rohilla (Gangajal).

The film has music by Gourov Dasgupta (Dus Kahaniyan, Challo Dilli etc.), songs sung by Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chohan, Krishna etc. and is written and directed by Anand Sivakumaran (writer of Kalyug).