MOCHA TREEHUGGERS | THE GREEN TABLE
                                           Turn a new leaf
If you’ve ever visited Mocha – Coffees and Conversations, you’ll know at once that the label of the ‘average neighbourhood coffee shop’ doesn’t apply to this coffee shop. Over the years, Mocha has grown into a honeycomb throbbing with community driven initiatives – Mocha TreeHuggers being one of the more popular ones. Mocha TreeHuggers is an effort to goad surrounding neighbourhoods into turning a new leaf, and a few hues greener.
Since it’s formation, Mocha TreeHuggers has organized clean-up drives, guided tree walks, overnight treks, cycling missions, excursions to national parks and even bird sanctuaries. And within Mocha outlets, Mocha TreeHuggers have hosted dozens of photography exhibits and eco-bazaars, to introduce green-mongers and eco-friendly establishments to the community.

Mocha TreeHuggers’ newest endeavour is The Green Table. Every month, Mocha Mojo in Bandra will be volunteering space within its premises to eco-friendly brands to spread their roots. On offer, you could expect to browse through stalls of accessories, handicrafts, t-shirts, cosmetics and even organic edibles.

on the 29th of September, The Green Table will be featuring Matsya by Neha Gandhi– a brand that stitches together grassroot artisans and urban customers and creates a unique range of home furnishings, studio pottery and accessories.

“Mocha TreeHuggers creates and supports opportunities for people to contribute to the environment in small and meaningful ways”, says Shobita Kadan, VP – Marketing, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd, Mocha’s parent company. “We believe that grass-root ideas based on solid foundations such as The Green Table will encourage people to shop for all things green.”