Miraj crests on Queens Waves !


In India, new concepts are finally getting their due. We at Miraj Group, want them to go global, to be positioned like Queens! That is our humble contribution to Bollywood,” says business magnate Madan Paliwal, the man behind Miraj Group, on their film Queens! Destiny of Dance bagging six awards at The Los Angeles Movie Awards in the International Films category.

Cresting on the waves of success, Paliwal  avers, “Queens! Destiny of Dance is a film which takes one into the heart of an up-market Hijra or the trans-gender community. This film reveals a journey of life in human experience that is seldom understood. Even more, it is made with the honest efforts to show such lives in a better light. And through this film we hope to celebrate a way of life in every colour through dance of destiny and we are very happy that it is so well-received,” says Sonal Deshpande,  COO, Miraj Entertainment.

The Los Angeles Movie Awards aims to celebrate Independent Motion Picture and Literary Arts by providing a platform for filmmakers and writers to have an opportunity to  be awarded for their work.

Queens! Destiny Of Dance won the first place in the International Films Category, besides Best Director – David Atkins, Best  Cinematography – Srinivas Ramaiah, Best Costume Design – Vidya Krishanater, Best Supporting Actress – Seema Biswas and Best Special Effects – Jayesh Dholakia.



Says the LAMA  spokesperson, “we would like to thank the Miraj Group for participating and submitting such high quality work. We wish them all luck in their future endeavours.”

Adds Seema Biswas, “when you do a film you believe in, it feels great when your work gets acknowledged. I am very happy for Queens! Destiny of Dance. The film and the makers deserve these laurels for the subject selection and the no-expenses spared effort.”

The other categories of awards at LAMA are Narrative Features (Films that are 50 minutes and over, all genres), Narrative Shorts (Films that are 50 minutes and under, all genres), Documentary Features (Documentaries 50 minutes and over, all topics), Documentary Shorts (Documentaries 50 minutes and under, all topics), Student (Student made films that are 60 minutes and under, all genres) Experimental (Films that do not follow a traditional narrative format that are under 90 minutes, all genres), Animation (Animated films that are under 50 minutes, all genres), Music Video (Music Videos that are under 30 minutes, all genres)and Scripts Film, Stage, Television and commercials of any length, all genres).

Says Sonal Deshpande, “this is the beginning. We are looking at five more films this year with strong concepts, riveting stories and great entertainment value.