Milind Soman starrer & Manu Chobe’s directorial ‘Mukti – Birth of a Nation’ wins hearts & awards

Milind Soman starrer & Manu Chobe’s directorial ‘Mukti – Birth of a Nation’ wins hearts & awards 

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Manu Chobe’s directorial gets appraised by audience and nominations with awards
Milind Soman never fails to surprise us. Be it barefoot running, being a part of Ironman Triathlon and Ultraman Florida and sometimes by giving us a glimpse of him in Bollywood films like ‘Jodi Breakers’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’. Here’s another film in which he starred and left us gasping for more of him on the big screen.  

Milind Soman starrer ‘Mukti – Birth of a Nation’ was awarded as the best short film on the web 2018 by IWM awards by ALT and Face of content (Shot film) by DIGIXX 2018. 

Milind Soman starrer & Manu Chobe's directorial 'Mukti - Birth of a Nation' wins hearts & awards 
Presented by Officers Choice Blue Snacks, ‘Mukti – Birth of a Nation’, is a gripping short film based on the 1971 war, by writer and director Manu Chobe, acclaimed for his popular web-series ‘Married Woman Diaries’ and short films such as ‘Peanut Butter’. This film is about a time when the Indian Defense Forces were struggling to ascertain the perfect strategy to implement in Bangladesh and when all hopes were lost how one man, Lt. General JFR Jacob, referred to as ‘Jake Sweety’ got into a negotiation with his Pakistani counterpart A.A. Khan Niazi that led to a public surrender and India winning the war. 
”Mukti was not an easy catch as it was a re-creation of history that has made India proud and it was always a concern to live up to the reputation and the intelligence of Lt. General JFR Jacob. Milind Soman & Yashpal Sharma have done a great job in implementation and I am happy about how well the short film has been taken by the audience and have placed it under the nomination of top 10 best short movies of the year” Says the director Mr. Manu Cobe. 

Milind Soman starrer & Manu Chobe's directorial 'Mukti - Birth of a Nation' wins hearts & awards - 
Manu Chobe has worked on short movies like Peanut butter, Virgin Woman Diaries (nominated as the best top 10 short film) & Dogs not allowed and is looking for his upcoming project called ‘Heartbeat’ starring Rajeev Khandelwal & Anupriya Goenka.