Melanie Nazareth a promising new talent makes her debut with 1:13:7 (Ek Tera Saath )

Melanie Nazareth a promising new talent makes her debut with 1:13:7 (Ek Tera Saath )

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In a no holds barred dialogue with this new upcoming talent Melanie Nazareth, one thing which was quite noticeable was the confidence this young artiste showed and the eagerness to learn at any given opportunity made an impact right from the word go. Having done Television , theatre and now film for which she seemed highly excited was but natural. I had to just put across some questions and before I speak any further she started talking about journey so far without mincing any words .

Melanie Nazareth

Here’s to Melanie ….To start with,well, the first time acting bug bit me was in school. Unaware of what it was I would speak to the walls or the mirror like in acting a scene from any random film.. my folks had rechristened me as a ‘daydreamer’.
As we all know, huge inventions and discoveries have happened by accidents. I  accompanied my friend on one of her friend’s rehearsals and was accidentally offered a role in a stage play as the actor who was supposed to play the role fell ill.  It was like a fun game for me.. innocently I said yes as they assured me of complete support since the play was after two days.. they kept their word and so happened my first professional stint with acting with the play ‘ek chaadar maili si’.. but after a couple of shows I backed off because of my exams. Than happened the second play ‘same time as usual’.

Melanie Nazareth-
I didn’t have the patience and influence to get into films so I started with serials. My first serial was
1) Chudiyaan on Sony tv
2)Baabul ka aangan chhodey na for sony.. I played the negative protagonist..
3)Chehra for Star plus
4)Bhaagonwali for Zee TV. It was a Bhojpuri backdrop so I really worked hard on the tone of the language, mannerisms, even modified my voice to a shrill sound.

Melanie Nazareth film still
5)Jhilmil sitaron ka aangan hoga for Rajshri productions. It was a very bold character. I played a slut..molested by four men (demand of my role).. Rajshri broke it’s barriers I broke mine (not that I had any).
6)Ninja pandav for a new channel Real TV. Indeed a very fabulous role..I played a ninja trained in Marshall arts for 3 months. I had a fight sequence with six characters and I did my own stunts…. flew up with a harness attached.. learnt the technique of falling, landing so never bruised myself.

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7)Last but not the least Qubool hai for Zee TV. A character closest to my heart.. it was a loud comedy.. the body language consumed great amounts of energy which I skillfully delivered.. enjoyed every bit of it.
Not everyone gets the opportunity to play such versatile characters on TV..I simply can’t count my blessings. Now debuting in a film is the beginning of a new journey.. a road with more challenges..the first and the most important being acceptance among the audience and the film industry. .

Melanie Nazareth with Arshad & coactor
I just wish to enjoy every bit of this most challenging phase…. & the name of the film is Ek Tera Saath , where I am one of the main lead characters and had a great time shooting all over Rajasthan , which was in fact a great learning experience and had fun shooting with my co actors and director Arshad Siddiqi Sir.

Synopsis of 1:13:7 ek tera saath
Some believe in the existence of ghosts ,some don’t. But one cannot deny the fact  the existence of a supernatural being good or bad.. unnatural events and paranormal activities go unnoticed by us most of the times.
On the other hand, it is a known fact  that the palaces of Rajputana in Rajasthan are transformed into heritage hotel sites nowadays..{1:13:7 } has weaved this fact into a story of a Rajputana prince Aditya Pratap Singh (Sharad Malhotra) who refuses to transform his palace into a hotel as he believes the souls of his forefathers continue to trail around 24/7.  He falls in love and marries Kasturi (Hritu Dudani) but in  an unfortunate incident death descends upon her. An old college friend Sonali (Melanie Nazareth) unaware of these facts comes to meet Aditya.. she’s a bubbly, charming, full of life girl who’s had a depressive past of a failed relationship.. but she’s always loved Aditya whom she lovingly addresses as Adi since time immortal. This doesn’t go down very well with the possessive spirit of Kasturi who tries to scare her away.. Sonali is aghast with the sudden turn of events and confronts Adi.. after learning the facts she decides to stay by his side..this is when Kasturi’s spirit turns aggressive and violent. This is just the beginning.  For as the story unveils,the plots thicken and the paranormal horrifying activities encompass her, she is left shattered and dejected till she unleashes the truth.