Maya Digital Studios’ first of its kinds ‘In Studio Training’ initiative for young animation, VFX, & 3D stereoscopy professionals, MIST to launch August 11, 2012

Maya Digital Studios’ first of its kinds ‘In Studio Training’ initiative for young animation, VFX, & 3D stereoscopy professionals, MIST to launch August 11, 2012

Aruna Kumar joins Maya to head MIST which provides advanced studio ready training modules, with employment at Maya Digital Studios in Mumbai & Goa

Maya Digital Studios, the company that pioneered the art & technology of animation & visual effects in India in the 1990s, and is also a leading 2D to stereoscopic 3D conversion studio today; has started yet another ‘industry first’ initiative where young animation, VFX & 3D stereoscopy professionals will undergo advanced training based on a Studio Ready Training Modules with employment at Maya’s studio facilities in Mumbai & Goa. The path breaking initiative by Maya is called “Maya In Studio Training”, MIST and will be formally launched on 11th August 2012 in Mumbai.

Elaborating about MIST, Deepa Sahi, co-founder & Director – Maya said, “Our focus at Maya has always been on artists and I’m proud to say that even after so many years Maya Is the dream place to be for any animation & visual effects artist- as the saying goes- “you’re work is as good as the person behind the machine”. We are therefore committed to nurturing the men and women ‘behind’ the machine! Hence we are now starting with the facility for a dedicated in studio training facility within the studio to create studio ready artists, who have the right blend of creativity & production skills.”

Previously too, Maya had launched an academic training institute and created over 50000 animation and visual effects professionals in the Indian industry. At that time, the industry was new in India training was critical, which is when Maya decided to launch the training facility to create an animation and visual effects ecosystem in the country. Speaking about MIST, Ketan Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director – Maya stated, “As the training industry evolved for Animation & Visual Effects the focus shifted from creating artists to mass production. Thus, there was no focus on teaching them the studio skills and production processes to create consummate Techno-Artists in this field. With Maya In Studio Training, MIST we are all set to fill in this gap that exists between Animation & Visual Effects training and the studio environment, between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’. Freshers will work with studio veterans and learn while working on live projects at MIST.”

MIST will be spearheaded by Aruna Kumar, who joins Maya after a decade long professional stint at MAAC. An industry expert in the academic training Aruna has been a critical part of MAAC’s strategic expansion in India over 80 centres. She has played a significant role in the training process of over 20000 animation and visual effects professionals in the country today. Many of these candidates are successful studio professionals across the leading studios worldwide. Her in depth understanding of the need gap in the industry with regards to the advanced training facilities and the studio ready training module offered at MIST will be the important agents of change for the animation and visual effects industry.

Speaking about her role at MIST Aruna says, “At MIST there will be stringent selection norms and the applicants will go through a meticulous selection process with the various heads of departments at Maya, who will also be mentoring the selected MIST interns. These interns will work on Maya’s current projects including TV shows like The Adventures of Motu Patlu, Captain Vyom & The Centsables, 2D to Stereoscopic 3D conversion of Sholay & Sons of Ram. This is the first time ever that interns will get to work on live domestic & international projects.”

MIST has born out of a critical studio need. Recently when Maya was recruiting freshers for its upcoming animation, visual effects and 3D stereoscopy projects the studio interviewed/tested over 2000 candidates from across leading training institutes in the country. However their production skills weren’t up to the mark and hence even 200 candidates couldn’t be selected for Maya. Taking a cue from this abject dearth of good quality studio ready talent, Maya decided to launch MIST. Speaking about the need for the studio, Dheeraj Berry, Head of Production – Maya stated, “MIST is a significant step for the Indian animation & visual effects studios. Every studio instructs the new joinees to first unlearn their learning at the training institutes. With MIST that studio gap will be bridged and in future there will be no scarcity of advance trained studio ready professionals.”

MIST will be launched at a formal event in Mumbai on Saturday 11th August 2012, and the in studio training will begin at Maya’s studio facilities in Mumbai & Goa from September 15th 2012.

About Maya Digital Studios Ltd

MAYA (established in 1996) pioneered the art and technology of Computer Animation and Digital Visual Effects in India. Founded by the internationally acclaimed film maker – Ketan Mehta and renowned film actress, producer and director – Deepa Sahi, MAYA today is one of the largest computer animation and visual effects studios in India. American computer animation & visual effects veteran, Frank Foster is the president of MAYA, and oversees the studio’s daily operations. The studio has specialized in stereoscopic 3D and offers services for S3D visual effects, S3D CG rendered animation, left and right camera live action cinematography and very high quality, cost effective 2D to 3D conversion. MAYA DIGITAL STUDIOS was the first dedicated CG animation and visual effects studio in India. Founded in 1996 as Maya, it has worked with top global clients including BBC, Disney, Google, Sony, Electronic Arts, Ragdoll Inc UK, Rainbow, Mike Young Productions, Activision, Brown Bag Films, VGI Entertainment to deliver prestigious projects in television, film and game animation. Maya’s work has won several international honours & awards including the IFTA, BAFTA, Pulcinella, FICCI and GDC.