Maya Digital Studios expands its operations in Goa – Maya Incubation centre provides ‘Studio Ready Curriculum​’ for animation, visual effects, and 2D to stereoscop​ic 3D conversion

Studio will also generate direct aswell indirect employment opportunities within the state of Goa

Maya Digital Studios, the company thatpioneered the art & technology of animation & visual effects in Indiain the 1990s, is now also focussing on the conversion of 2D content intoStereoscopic 3D. The studio is expanding its business and has announced today that it will set up of abrand new facility in Goa’s capital, Panjim. Maya Digital Studios Goa will be a500-seat, state-of-the-art animation, visual effects and 2D to stereoscopic 3Dconversion studio with a dedicated 200-seat Incubation Centre.

Thestudio will commence operations with a 200-seat studio facility, and 50-seatincubation centre opposite Panjim’s St. Inez Church on VS Dempo Road. Set up aspart of the company’s strategic expansion plans, phase one of the project isbeing executed in partnership with Mr. Diwakar R., a visionary and technologyfocussed entrepreneur. The main facility will come up shortly in North Goa.

Maya’sincubation program acts as a wonderful platform to fill the gap where educationends and professional work begins. The one-of-a-kind ‘Studio Ready Curriculum’designed as per International Studio Standards by studio professionals givesbudding animation, visual effects and 2D to stereoscopic 3D conversionprofessionals an opportunity to gain valuable production experience and thechance to work with a talented group of skilled professionals in acollaborative, energetic set up.

Speaking about the newfacility, Mr. Ketan Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director – Maya DigitalStudios Ltd said: “Goa provides us with anextremely creative atmosphere away from the hustle bustle of big cities and isperfect to launch the expansion programme for a digital studio like ours. Theregion has sufficient manpower waiting to be trained and absorbed into theindustry. Candidates are given much-needed exposure to very high qualitycreative work. Our incubation centre will provide a Studio Ready Curriculum foranimation, visual effects, and 2D to stereoscopic 3D conversion artists fromacross the country. It will also generate direct as well indirect employmentopportunities within the state. We are excited and confident of establishing astrong presence here.”

Maya’sintensive training and exposure helps candidates understand the productionpipeline and process, and makes them studio ready. They can start working on aproject immediately after finishing their term at the Incubation Centre.

Onoffer will be a variety of courses that focus on Animation (bodydynamics, acting and expression skills of characters and understanding ways toachieve this under strict deadlines), Visual Effects (integrating CGelements on live-action footage, particle and fluid dynamics, introduction tocustom FX Rig development), Rotoscopy (Digital Rotoscopy to enhanceskills in Vfx and 3D stereo conversion; understanding the various techniques ofrotoscoping to help the artist blend in any studio pipeline), and 2D to 3DConversion (teaching and applying fundamentals of 3D stereo conversion fromtraditional to advanced stages of the work flow; different methods of  Displacement and 3D projection).

Courseprojects would include the animated TV series, The Adventures of Motu Patlu,based on the popular Indian comic brand, LotPot comics; The Centsables, ananimated TV series from USA, 2D to Stereoscopic 3D conversion of the animated filmSons of Ram by ACK Media, and 2D to Stereoscopic 3D conversion of one Indian cinema’scult classics, Sholay.