Maya Digital Studios brings Lot Pot comic characters to life!

Maya Digital Studios brings Lot Pot comic characters to life!

Maya Digital Studios Pvt. Ltd. brings Lotpot comic characters to life!

Evergreen comic strip “Motu Patlu” will be digitalized to be presented as an animated TV series.

India’s leading computer animation and digital visual effects firm, Maya Digital Studios Pvt. Ltd. has struck a deal with Lotpot Comics – one of India’s leading comic magazines, to adapt their evergreen comic strip – “Motu Patlu” into an animated TV series.

Founded by Sh. A.P. Bajaj over 40 years ago, the comic strip has remained extremely popular among kids between the age group of 4 – 15yrs and has managed to keep its popularity sustained, over 3 generations.

The panel of designers and directors from Maya Digital Studios Pvt. Ltd. are not leaving a single stone unturned to capture and re-create the original magnificence of the “Motu Patlu” comic strip characters. Bringing back something which has been so loved by children, in a completely new avatar is a challenging task and the creative team at Maya is focused on delivering their best.

The Adventures of Motu Patlu is a series of endearing adventures of two friends, Motu & Patlu. Typically caught in funny situations the duo almost functions like a trouble magnet, attracting all sorts of problems and their two more friends Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram. The incidents they are caught in are straight out of life, day to day funny situations. How in their own ingenious style they emerge out as heroes, solving the problems is the basic plotline of the show.

Ketan Mehta, Chariman & Managing Director – Maya Digital Studios Pvt. Ltd. said: “Motu Patlu is pure Indian comic brand with a 42 year old legacy. Its premise represents the cultural ethos of small town India and captures the life in the heartland of India. At Maya we want to promote the best of Indian animated content and hence we approached Lotpot comics for the 3D animation of their characters.”

Lotpot, which has been a key player in the Indian comic books market, is very excited about this project and has extended complete support to Maya Digital Studios in terms of content provision. Commenting on the same, Mr P.K. Bajaj, Editor & Publisher, Lotpot Comics said: “The association with Maya Digital Studios is the best thing that could have happened to Lotpot comics. Finding the perfect digital partner for Motu- Patlu was a challenging task. That is the reason it took us so long to digitize Lotpot comics. But now I am extremely excited and happy that Maya Digital Studios has taken over this challenging task. I’m totally confident that Maya Digital Studios will deliver Motu-Patlu as one of the best animation series to be shown on Television.”

About Maya Digital Studios Pvt. Ltd.:

MAYA (established in 1996) pioneered the art and technology of Computer Animation and Digital Visual Effects in India. Founded by the internationally acclaimed film maker – Ketan Mehta and renowned film actress, producer and director – Deepa Sahi, MAYA today is one of the largest computer animation and visual effects studios in India. American computer animation & visual effects veteran, Frank Foster is the president of MAYA, and oversees the studio’s operations. The studio has specialized in stereoscopic 3D and offers services for S3D visual effects, S3D CG rendered animation, left and right camera live action cinematography and very high quality, cost effective 2D to 3D conversion. Maya, has worked with top global clients including BBC, Disney, Google, Sony, Electronic Arts, Ragdoll Inc UK, Rainbow, Mike Young Productions, Activision, Brown Bag Films, VGI Entertainment to deliver prestigious projects in television, film and game animation. Maya’s work has won several international honours & awards including the IFTA, BAFTA, Pulcinella, FICCI and GDC.