Masaba and Neena Gupta celebrate Women’s Day Week at Atmantan Wellness Centre

Masaba and Neena Gupta celebrate Women’s Day Week at Atmantan Wellness Centre

Masaba Gupta (1)

Bollywood actress Neena Gupta and her daughter, award winning fashion designer Masaba Gupta celebrated the Women’s Day Week at the luxurious Atmantan Wellness Resort, situated in the lush Sahyadri Mountains that has become an increasingly popular wellness getaway amongst celebrities.

The mother-daughter duo enjoyed a 4-night stay indulging in special spa therapies and activities crafted specifically for women, in honor of International Women’s day.

Designer Masaba Gupta during her stay at Atmantan as part of Women’s Day week said, “I am a big fan of Ayurveda, detox and wellness and I think that this place itself nestled here in the Sahyadris overlooking the Mulshi lake is very relaxing. It’s a wonderful location. We have a lovely villa which is the Mango Tree Villa which I would definitely come back for. There have been many highlights of our trip but I think the biggest and the best one is the Taoist Chi Nei Tsang therapy that both of us enjoyed thoroughly. A big thank you to Atmantan for hosting us for the Women’s Day Week.”

As part of the ‘Atmantan Living’ retreat, Masaba and her mother availed a number of invigorating treatments including the Atmantan Signature Massage, the sacred Taoist Chi Nei Tsang Therapy and Pranic Healing to name a few. To make their relaxing getaway more special, the fashionista rented the resort’s premium boarding facility; The Mango Tree Villa which offers in-house massage facilities, butler service, a private gym and an infinity pool with a gorgeous view of the Mulshi Lake and pristine mountains. Atmantan is one of India’s most luxurious spa resorts and is proving to be a convenient and approachable getaway destination due to its location in Mulshi, only a 3-hour drive from Mumbai.

Founder Director of Atmantan, Mr. Nikhil Kapur says “We are very delighted to have Neena and Masaba to experience the journey of wellness at Atmantan, especially to celebrate women’s day. Result-oriented wellness is what Atmantan is all about and we’ve put a lot of research in to specific therapies and activities that will help women be in the best of health.”

Deemed one of the most effective for health and fitness results, Atmantan is taking the opportunity of Women’s Day to dedicate a whole week to focusing solely on Woman’s health and their wellbeing. The highly trained professions at Atmtantan have curated a number of activities specially for women, such as therapeutic yoga for hormone balancing, core building exercises, stress relief meditation and nutritional cooking, to name a few.