Marry Me, Stranger’ brings Anuja Joshi as Author Novoneel Chakraborty’s Rivanah

Marry Me, Stranger’ brings Anuja Joshi as Author Novoneel Chakraborty’s Rivanah

Anuja Joshi

Applause Entertainment, the content studio from Aditya Birla Group headed by media pioneer Sameer Nair, has been in the news for premium, contemporary digital series. Amongst its premier line-up is the upcoming adaptation of ‘The Stranger Trilogy’ by popular fiction writer, Novoneel Chakraborty from Penguin Random House.  Helmed by renowned producer Goldie Behl, this adaptation has a talented cast of actors. Building upon the very popular novels of the Stranger Series by Novoneel Chakraborty, Anuja Joshi plays the protagonist, Rivanah.  Gaurav Chopra, Mrinal Dutt and Priya Banerjee portray key characters in ‘Marry Me, Stranger’.  Actor and director Faruk Kabir, who made the well-known short film The Awakening and the film Allah Ke Bandey with Naseeruddin Shah, has directed this series for the web, seamlessly adapting Chakraborty’s successful books for the screen.
‘Marry Me, Stranger,’ keeping with the book’s title, features Anuja Joshi as the protagonist, Rivanah, a young girl struggling to find her footing in maximum city, Mumbai. Anuja is originally from the US, has studied acting and direction at NYU, and has professional theatre experience in New York with directors such as Julie Taymor and Mira Nair. She will appear in the upcoming Hollywood film “My Cousin’s Sister’s Wedding.” TV star Gaurav Chopra, known for interesting roles in numerous shows, and as a voice artiste for the Indian dubbed version of Marvel’s Thor, will be seen in a mysterious cameo. Mrinal Dutt has played character roles in short films like ‘A Moment’ and ‘Katputliwala’ and drama series like Private Investigator.  Canadian film actor Priya Banerjee, who has carved a niche for herself across Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films, plays a principal role in Marry Me, Stranger.
The team on ‘The Stranger Trilogy’ brings together expansive experience in television, film and entertainment. With 10 published novels to his credit, all under the age of 30, Novoneel Chakraborty has a huge following for youth oriented romantic thrillers. All three books in this trilogy- Marry Me, Stranger; All yours, Stranger and the latest, Forget me not, Stranger- capture the journey of Rivanah; thereby resonating with countless young urban Indians.  Well know writer and digital content creator Anand Sivakumaran has adapted this series for the web.
Having produced popular films and TV for some time, Goldie Behl, Director Rose Audiovisuals brings depth and experience to this production. Behl has directed and produced break through content across the big and small screen, with an instinctive understanding of popular content.
Sameer Nair, CEO of Applause Entertainment - Goldie Behl
Sameer Nair, CEO of Applause Entertainment, added, “Marry Me, Stranger’ belongs to the “sexy and scary” genre and Goldie has brought Novoneel’s disturbing book to life. It is a dark, twisted story in the universe of the young and restless of Urban India”.
Speaking about the series, Goldie Behl said, “The Stranger Series with it’s present day and easy to relate to context is the perfect web series for today’s audiences and I’m happy to be working on it. It’s always great to work on projects for Sameer Nair and I have enjoyed putting together this cast of committed actors and a quality crew for this series.”
Novoneel Chakroborty said, “I have watched the initial material that has been shot and am impressed with what the Applause team has created. Goldie Behl has done justice to my books and brought depth and an experienced eye as producer to this series. I look forward to audience reactions to this content.”
Anuja Joshi said, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to portray Rivanah. This young character’s discovery of her self-worth, especially in a big city like Mumbai, is something I know many people will relate to.  We have passionately created an edge of your seat adventure. I hope everyone will enjoy the trippy ride that is “Marry Me, Stranger!.”
With a stellar team collaborating on this trilogy, and an exemplary cast of talented actors, ‘The Stranger Trilogy’  is set to become a clutter breaker in the Indian web series space. The series is currently in the post production phase, and Marry Me, Stranger will be streaming soon.