Marrne Abhi Do Yaaron – Film Review

Marrne Abhi Do Yaaron


Film : Marrne Bhi Do Yaaron

Produced: Krushna , Boo Filmz
Directed : Kashmera Shah
Cast : Krushna Abhishek, Kashmera Shah , Rishab Chauhaan, Kiran Kumar, Rajesh Puri , Kishwar Merchant.

Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

Kashmera Shah after a long sabbatical does her debut as a Writer Director besides Acting with “Marrne Bhi Do Yaaron”.

She has an idea which may not sound normal but seeing it from today’s context has a strong message to pass across for today’s generation who wants everything on a platter without working for it and if you don’t get it your way than stop fighting and take a recourse to ending your life !

The plot is quite whacky and sounds absolutely stupid and crazy as the story unfolds with the main protagonist Rishaab Chauhaan climbing a hill top and trying ways and means to end his life at which point Kashmera enters the scene and from there on starts the drama of experimentation with stunts and farcical blunders to kill himself.

Against the backdrop of Greece and in Greece the third angle to the triangle an Invisible force Krushna pops in and out in different Avatars trying to bring in that much needed relief with his brand of comedy. It is always a great pleasure watch Krushna enact his slapstick and situational stand ups with  tremendous confidence and bravado. Krushna having produced the film somewhere along the line things that he should also spread some Gyan which he does so with yet another get up and in  his typical style as he cherishes the last ladoo given by Rishabh.

Krushna is his usual jovial best as Kashmera tries to come to terms with acting and masterminding the whole film. She seems to be enjoying the dual job she has undertaken. Rishaab has a good personality but looks lost most of the time which in turn may be adding to his gloomy character.

Now the most important factor hampering the flow of the film is a Very Erratic narrative and too many jump cuts which not only puts you off but disengages you to an extent that you start wondering as to what the hell all is happening and where is film headed for. What Kashmera needed to do was fine tune her script to make it more plausible and relatable.

Now there are some very emotional and sensitive scenes of Kashmera with her child which are very touching and sets you thinking as you sit through the whole program of life and death being enacted with unabashed abandon.

Mika Singh, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh and Akhtar Brothers have sung the songs of the film penned by lyricists Ravi Chopra, Asad Ajmeri, Piyush Aditya and Nitin Raikar add to the musical tempo of this comic rhapsody.

Choreography by Lollypop is quite adequate but the real plus is that the film is beautifully shot by cinematographer Neelaabh Kaul who explores the Greece with great flourish and makes every character right from Kashmera, Rishaab and Krushna and the rest of the cast look glamorous.

To really enjoy the who done it just don’t wreck your brain but sit and make most of it because Marrnne Bhi Do Yaaron might as well suggest you #JaaneBhiDoYaaron #JeeneBhiDoYaaron. But at least make your Holiday with Krushna and the gang worth your time and enjoy the beautiful landscape , Seafront, and the cool ambience of Greece in Europe for sure????✅?!!!!!