The movie The Amazing Spider-man made acomeback with its reboot in the franchise a week ago but the record it made within3 days after its release, the figures were enough to prove the love of theIndian fans for their favorite super hero.

In letter received from the director of the film MarcWebb, Webb bows down to the India audience and thanks them for all the supportand love they have showered upon the Superhero. The letter reads that themakers of the Spider-man will continue entertaining the Indian audience withmore adventurous and romantic tales of their favorite superhero.

The film of Sony Pictures The Amazing Spider-manis released in 3D all over India and stars Andrew Garfield as the amazingspider-man and Emma Stone plays his girlfriend Gwen Stacy, in the role of thevillain is Rhys Ifans and to boss him is India’s very own Irrfan Khan.