Mr. K. Ravi, Managing Director, India Media Link & Events Management who is now into Film Production always believed in helping poor and down trodden people, & giving opportunity and platform to below poverty line people. In film production also he has protected his socialist view.

Recently he came out with short film named “AAYUSHYA”, a simple yet significant short film portraying the poor farmer’s family who committed suicide due to hailstone tragedy. Recently few months back due to hailstone tragedy in Maharashtra, around 150 farmers committed suicide. Because of this tragedy, their entire families are in great grief.

The film is produced by K. RAVI and directed by Abhijit Harishchandra. Star cast Rahul Ravi, Bhagyashri Meshram with Mangesh Kangne, Smit Jaykar & Sanket, The film is written by Abhijit Harichandra. & music given by Ashok Waingankar.

K. RAVI states that the Film revolves around the fact that poor FARMERS have to face life as it comes with NO control over NATURAL CALAMITIES THAT IS HAILSTONE , DUE TO WHICH he has lost entire yield & farm production. This tragedy shattered him very badly & ultimately He commits suicide.

Film Producer K. Ravi wants to convey message to farmer society that face the situation strongly, life is precious, accept the challenges in life and move on with spirit. Do not commit suicide due to such calamities.

Further K. RAVI said he will be producing more short films for social cause. Forthcoming shooting of Marathi film called “Chuk” will be scheduled shortly.

Mr. K. Ravi a Record Dancer, Child social activitist, Journalist (Film & Crime), Events Organizer. He is also in to Helicopter Service (Hiring Services) & now he is into Film Production. Mr. K. Ravi is versatile personality, he has vision to take event management business on top by creating creative and innovative way (Something “HATKE”)

Till date India Media Link & Events Management owned by Mr. K. Ravi has organised number of social events, some of noticeable are as under:-

Normally on 31st December, most of people are engaged with parties, drinks, pubs & discos, but Mr. K. Ravi is busy with organizing event for 122 kids who are suffering from cancer, a life threatening disease. He has organized helicopter ride for these kids for Mumbai darshan followed with dinner and entertainment program.

India Media Link & Events Management also orgnised event on the eve of Valentine day where in 144 senior citizen couple who were between age 65 to 98 years where in these couples had helicopter rides and also had city ride in open deck bus ended with dinner on boat with dance, & music opposite Gate of India. Name of event was “ Prem Divsachya kastit , Latanchya Mastit”.

Since last 18 years Mr. K. Ravi has organized various activities for “ Mankhurd Children’s Home” Mumbai.

Last year 31st Dec. 13 he has organized helicopters ride to 120 handicapped kids where in Marathi Actor Siddharth Jadav has inaugurated the events.

Mr K. Ravi has organized different events for film celebrities where in actor Barkha Roy, Ijaj khan & Raju puri was and other film celebrities were present in the events.

Nov 13, On the eve of Diwali, India Media Link & Events Management has organized events specially for widows, where in 1000 widows honored with “Sari & Maharastian Diwali sweets. Mr. Eknath Gaikwad, Member of Parliament was chief guest for this event.

Malang Gadh, Kalyan 300 years old Dargah is holy place on hills, Hight above mean sea level 2596 feet is holy place, were in first time in the history, Mr. K. Ravi has organized events where in helicopter ride  given to pilgrims of said holy place from bottoam of hill to top.M.L.A Eknath Shinde was chief guest for this events.

Ganesh Visarjan from a ‘ ̃High Perch’ Mr. K. Ravi has registered patents for these events. In 2013 special events at Ganesh Immersion Mumbai,

India Media Link & Events Management has orgnised aerial view for devotees i. e. Helicopter ride for view of ganesh immersion. As always Mr. K. Ravi is famous for doing these events “Kuch Hatke”. He has arranged 135 slim dwellers and arranged Bath to clean these kids. He has offered new cloths to these kids. He has given Aerial view to these poor kids through helicopter rides.

On 26th January 2014 he had social events where in, he has offered Blanket, Sweets & Indian flag to 1000 poor people who was sleeping on pavements stretch between Tata Hospital to J.J. Hospital without disturbing their sleep.

Last Valentine day, India Media Link & Events Management has organized versatile program for “Aadhivashi” tribal people, where in, Mr.K. Ravi has arranged Helicopter ride to these people followed with dinner, dance & music. Marathi actor Bal Dhuri was chief guest for this event.