Mantra in Kailash Kher’s ‘Ishq Anokha’

Mantra in Kailash Kher’s ‘Ishq Anokha’


There is indeed no stopping for the versatile Mantra. Apart from hosting two popular shows on TV, he is also busy with his theatre and film commitments and now we hear that the actor is all set to enthral us by featuring in a song.

For the first time ever Mantra will be seen in a music album titled Ishq Anokha.  The song is released by singer Kailash Kher’s band Kailasa and it promises to be very different and new. According to Kailash, the message of the album is yet again spiritual, but is also very mystically.

Mantra, Kailash Kher and Miss India Universe Vasuki

Mantra commented “Kailash Kher is not a singer for me,he is a mediator between us and the eternal ..his voice and his melodies have been special to me since I first broke his song on air while my Radio days. I remember that evening very well, when I was hosting Route 91 in Radio city Delhi, and my music manager came and informed me about this new song Allah ke Bande and if I recall well I played that song much to the delight of entire NCR which went completely in love with it immediately, I remember there were fewer traffic jams, no road rage incidents and a very happy Delhi including me. He was the messenger.

And to be a part of Kailash kher’s video is like paying homage to this wonderful blessed performer and I consider it to be my extreme privilege to feature in and as JOGI in his new album ‘Ishq Anokha’

Well, while we await to see Mantra in the album, we also wonder what’s else will he surprise us with next