Manoj’s special rakhi after 15 years

Manoj’s special rakhi after 15 years

Manoj Bajpayee --

Rakahabandhan is cherished by every sibling in this country and every brother or sister make it a point to meet and spend time with their respective siblings. However, its difficult to do so when they are in different cities. But this time, the fine actor Manoj Bajpayee made it a point that distance and time does not come in between celebrating Rakshabandhan and this time it was more special as he celebrated Rakhi after 15 years!

Manoj was in the capital city, which is also his home town, shooting for his upcoming Indo-American project. Even though his schedules are pretty packed for shoot, he made sure that he takes out time to meet his sisters on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.

Since the talented actor was shooting in Delhi, his sisters came to visit him on the film set. He requested some time from the film crew due to which they had to reschedule the whole day. “It has been 15 years since I last celebrated Rakshabandhan with my sisters. Due to my work commitments and many other factors, I was not privileged enough to take out time and fly down to  them. But since this time I was in Delhi I made sure that I meet all 3 of my sisters and spend some time with them and I am alo glad that I did it.” says the 2 times National Award winning actor Manoj Bajpayee.

Well we have been aware of the fact that how professional and committed Manoj is towards his work, but it is really commendable how in spite of having so many responsibilities on his shoulders, he makes sure he gives his preference to family and friends first.