Manjunath rocks the Bhagavad Gita

Manjunath rocks the Bhagavad Gita

For the first time ever in the history of Bollywood, Manjunath presents a rock version of a shloka from the Bhagavad Gita. In the past, many scriptures from the holy book have been transformed into music, but this is the only shloka to have a rock version. This one definitely holds a different joy to it since rock Gods Parikrama belt out this track in the film. The rock band has not only composed the music of the film but also lent the background score to it.

Manjunath was the lead singer in his college rock band and hence Sandeep Varma, Director of Manjunath, wanted the music of the film to appeal to the youth. The music is edgy, and non-traditional so as to keep away from the conventional Bollywood masala and preserve the essence of Manjunath’s story. The track is a part of the theatrical trailer of Manjunath. In fact, even when urged by his peers to lend some masala with an item number, Sandeep Varma, Director of Manjunath took a firm stand and refused.

“I think this would be the first ever rock rendition of the Gita shlokas in the world. Since Manjunath was a singer in his college rock band– I wanted the music to be authentic rock, not what we normally hear as rock music in Bollywood. Music was in Manjunath’s soul, so it had to reflect what he was – edgy, restless and leaving an impact.”, says Sandeep Varma, Director of Manjunath.

Manjunath is inspired by the true story of an IIM graduate, working in Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh who fought the fuel mafia and was brutally murdered in 2005. The biopic is also the first in India to be inspired by the life of a common man. Manjunath by Viacom18 Motion Pictures will release on 9th May 2014.