Malaika Arora Khan, Amrita Arora Ladak and Gauri Shinde launched “Bonsai Kitten” by Lakshmi Narayan

Malaika Arora Khan, Amrita Arora Ladak and Gauri Shinde launched “Bonsai Kitten” by Lakshmi Narayan

Leadstart Publishing and Title Waves played host to the launch of “Bonsai Kitten” by Lakshmi Narayan.  A spunky novel that will find several echoes and resonances, not just with women but also from men who want to understand the woman gender a little better

The audience was enthralled with the presence of the renowned actors Malaika Arora Khan and Amrita Arora Ladak along with the critically acclaimed director Gauri Shinde.


Lakshmi Narayan read excerpts from the book while onlookers around sat quietly listening to every word with rapt attention. Everyone was thrilled and at the edge of their seats as the passages that were read out and content of the book was fresh, creating a story etched in the minds of all those present.

The tale begins in a deceptive Mills & Boon fashion, when Divya is kissed awake by a total stranger on a busy intersection in Singapore. It then zig-zags between Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore and numerous small towns in India, tackling issues as serious as racial discrimination to heart wrenching affairs like the quarantine of animals to cultural differences and culinary delights. It created a collage that gave the audience an interesting whiff of the sights and smells of both Singapore and India.

Swarup Nanda, CEO, Leadstart Publishing expressed himself by saying, “It is great to be associated with such aspiring authors like Lakshmi Narayan who started her career in writing and has been doing so for many years. We are so excited for readers who will read this novel for the true pleasures of reading and I can promise you that this page turner will keep you going.”

About Leadstart Publishing: Leadstart Publishing is a leading publishing house from India. It is both creative and progressive in its vision and publishing focii. The Leadstart Lists feature distinguished authors and writing from across the globe. Today, Leadstart Publishing has 10 brands and publishes over 200 titles a year, with imprints and products in all major book categories. Leadstart is also India’s largest book distribution network, with a retail distribution spread of over 100 cities, almost four times the size of its closest competitor. Leadstart Publishing has been termed ‘the fastest-growing book publishing company in India today,’ by The Week magazine.

Synopsis of the Bonsai Kitten: I’m nothing but a bonsai kitten! thought Divya despairingly. Bonsai kitten. A pervert’s contention that just as plants can be stunted, so can living beings. And wasn’t that the guiding principle behind procuring a suitable girl? Catch her young when she is malleable like playdough, so she can be twisted and mangled to your liking. This way, she knows her place and stays there. At the lowest stratum. But little does she suspect that the Cosmic Jester – the celestial imp who specializes in tripping up humans – has other plans for her. Plans that include a roller-coaster ride from Delhi to Mumbai to Singapore, with tears and laughter, betrayal and friendship, loss and rebirth as her companions. And through it all, she would have to fence with that master puppeteer to reclaim her destiny.

About the Lakshmi Narayan: Lakshmi Narayan began her career as a journalist with the Times of India group. She was editor of Flair and Eve’s Weekly, before relocating to Singapore, where she wrote extensively for international publications. She now lives in Mumbai with her husband Arun and her two gorgeous rescued dogs – Donna and Tiger.

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