Make a luxurious investment this Gudi Padwa with a tradional Zig Zag Gold bracelet embellishe​d with a Zambian Emerald

21th March2012, Mumbai: Mark the arrival of a prosperous beginning of the Maharashtrian NewYear with an emerald twist to your traditional gold jewellery this Gudi Padwa.

For a shining accent to a casual or dressy look thisZig Zag Gold bracelet embellished with a Zambian Emerald adds that idealcrowning touch to your outfit. With its distinctive styling and display ofgleaming  gold , this bracelet is sure tomake heads turn this Gudi Padwa

The overall style of the clutched bracelet isreminiscent of the decadence of the maharaja days. Set in Gold with a clusterof diamonds and a rare Zambian Emerald mounted on top to add sparkle and asense of light, enabling the emerald to “glow” naturally on their own in anethereal way.

So go out there and invest lavishly on the auspiciousoccasion of Gudi Padwa to keep alive the festive spirit.

Price on Request.

Availability: Zambian Emerald embellishedGold Gold clutched bracelet from Anmol Jewellers, Mumbai


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