‘M Cream’ actor demands drugs on set!

‘M Cream’ actor demands drugs on set!


A demand for LSD made by one of his actors during the shoot of their film ‘M Cream’ left director Agneya Singh in complete shock. After all, when the debutant director kept stressing on his actors to bring realism to their characters in their scenes, little had he imagined that it would get him into a far more complicated situation than he had bargained for.

Now, there are several instances when actors have gone that extra mile to get under the skin of their characters. So, actors taking to alcohol to play alcoholics, or actors following certain diets to look the part is quite acceptable and even encouraged by the filmmakers. However, Agneya Singh was at a loss of words when one of the actors on the sets of his upcoming film ‘M Cream’ requested him to get them some LSD while shooting to infuse some realism in one of the crucial scenes.

The director says, “During out initial workshops, it was agreed that we needed to treat the film in a realistic if poetic way and that the actors would have to inject real life into the characters for this purpose. And my cast was so dedicated that I even remember one actor asking me to give them the psychotropic drug LSD during rehearsals as we had an acid trip in the screenplay. Luckily, we were able to work around that idea.”

The film revolves around the protagonist played by Imaad Shah, who sets out in search of a mythical hash called M cream with a group of friends. Written and directed byAgneya Singh, the film also stars Ira Dubey, Barry John, Auritra Ghosh, Raaghav Chanana, Tom Alter, Lushin Dubey and Beatrice Ordeix and is set to release on 22 July.