Luke Kenny’s ZOMBIE in Bollywood’s ‘Year of the Zombies 2012’

Luke Kenny who was critically appreciated for his performance in the iconic film Rock On, has turned producer for his next film ZOMBIE.
And definitely seems like film on the Zombie genre is the newest trend in Bollywood what with 2012 being touted as the year of the Zombies. (Incidentally Saif Ali Khan’s Go Goa Gone and Abhay Deol’s  Rock the Shaadi are Zombie-comedies set to hit the silver screen next year)
So what makes the Rock on star Luke Kenny  film ‘ZOMBIE’ different from the other  Zom-coms.
Sources reveal that Luke version is the origin of Zombie, infact it will be the first film for the Indian and International audience in the world to explore the making of a ZOMBIE.


Besides Luke and Devaki Singh, the writer-director team are fans of this genre, and are acknowledged as experts on this genre. Interestingly  even before the first film release, the duo has already made plans for the sequel ‘War of the Zombie’. Besides they have registered the title ‘ZOMBIE’ and by default have ownership of the genre.
Luke Kenny and Devaki Singh are writer-director Team who’s love and passion for creating films with stories  that push the envelope  is all encompassing. The horror genre is one of the many areas of expertise.
What are about these Zombies that attract us to them?
The duo surmises “ Not being sociologist we would have to answer that question like this. We are just a bunch of sick freaks that use the cinematic vision of the undead feasting on the living as a release from the everyday monotony of life”
Luke Kenny further adds that this film is a ZOMBIE Origin, and not a zom-com, or a Zombie survival film. And Indian audience are sure to lap it up since they will empathise with the journey of a human being as he is faced with seemingly insurmountable predicament. Moreover the Indian and international audiences will learn the humanity behind the Zombie Origin saga.
And sure enough Luke Kenny will have the brilliant technical team of ‘Rock On’ roped in to realise his dream franchise ‘ZOMBIE’