Luke Kenny’s ZOMBIE flick marches ahead !

Luke Kenny’s ZOMBIE has already announced its intent to be the Origin
of Zombie flick, by having 2 sequels planned to complete a ‘Trilogy’
of Zombie genre in Bollywood. Both writer director duo Luke Kenny and
Devaki Singh are huge Zombie fans and are considered as experts in
this genre.

Kenny Films were sure, that to remain true to the Zombie Genre, needed
a superb Script, stellar music score, haunting atmospherics, brilliant
direction and not starry names that will dilute and lessen the impact
due to their set image and also to pay a tribute to acclaimed
directors of this genre in Hollywood who have worked without stars in
this particular genre, like Danny Boyle, Peter Jackson, George Romero,
Sam Raimi, Edgar Wright, Robert Rodriguez etc.and have achieved cult

And in true Hollywood style of guerrilla marketing, Kenny films,
Zombie has marched ahead with its innovative campaign by launching the
merchandise of the film, as well as killer mobile game apps at the
launch of their ZOMBIE Trilogy!
Luke Kenny, after the huge success with the cult classic ROCK ON, will
not just be directing but will be involved in all creative roles. Luke
will also have the technical team of Rock On to assist him to make a
truly world-class Indian ‘Zombie’ flick for the international
audience, besides the Indian fans of Horror.

Kenny Films’ ZOMBIE? will be different from other flicks attempted in
this genre in Bollywood, since it is the original scary ZOMBIE mayhem
film, and not a Zombie comedy, nor a Zombie survival series, but the
journey of the transformation and origin of a ZOMBIE, due to
unpredictable events, complex back story, into a contemporary
psychological horror with unimaginable Zombie mayhem that will keep
the audience to the edge of the seats.

Says Luke Kenny: “This film is a Zombie Origin film. Not a zombie
comedy, not a zombie survival film. Indian audiences will empathise
with the journey of a human being as he is faced with a seemingly
insurmountable predicament. Indian  and international audiences will
learn the humanity behind the Zombie Origin Saga which is what I along
with my partner Devaki Singh are looking to present. This is a first
of the many unique stories Kenny Films Pvt Ltd is looking to present
to Cinema audiences”.

Says Writer–Director Devaki Singh: “My partner Luke Kenny & I are huge
horror film geeks and we have decided to take this very geekness to
the next level with our film, ‘ZOMBIE? Dying… To Live’ the first
part of the Zombie Origin Saga.
The majority of the Indian audience are not familiar with zombies and
I thought why not get them to discover one. I wanted to tell the basic
story of the origin of a zombie, how a man turns into one and goes
through horrific and heart-breaking changes both physically, mentally
and emotionally and loses himself in an unknown dark place. So what
happens to him, what he does to people, does he get destroyed, does he
survive etc. are questions we will deal with in the course of our
ZOMBIE? Promises to take horror entertainment in India to the next
level… Indian brains under threat!……..Zombism is the new trend in