LSD Girl Neha Chauhan Hits Back.

Neha Chauhan who previously acted in Dibakar Banerjee’sLove Sex aur Dhoka is making a comeback with Debutante Director- Rahul Dahiya’suntittled film- (a brutal reality of atrocities against women), The film dealswith the unsavoury truth of honor killings widespread in the interiors of thecountry that raises its ugly head too frequently, and then is forgotten again.In this film she plays a village girl which would be in complete contrast fromthe previous role she played in Love Sex aur Dhoka.

She was even seen in ‘French flirting’ in Expediatelevision commercial. Right after LSD she was directing her own documentary onthe postmen working in Dharavi Slum. Being a film maker herself she believes ina story well told, be it any genre.The young actress has a long way to go inthis film industry and her journey has already started, in the league of youngbooming talent of bollywood which is growing rapidly.