Love Shots – Film Review -“Be prepared for Lessons Of Life”

Love Shots – Film Review – “Be prepared for Lessons Of Life”

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Film: Love Shots

Producer : Alpa Oberoi , Madjag Films 

Director : Prithviraj Oberoi 

Cast : Anvita Rai , Ravnit Singh , Shashank Sharma, Rajesh Puri , Sudha Chandran.

Rating : ⭐️⭐️1/2 Stars 

Adolescence and teenage is a period when there’s lots of hormonal changes both in males and females. But it becomes very imperative for the young women to be more careful and judicious while letting go of their emotions.

But that tender age defies all the logistics and one is bound to get into the trap of lust and desires which is not in one’s control.

Writer , Lyricist and Director Prithviraj Oberoi tries to bring across those sensitive moments through his main protagonist Anvita Rai who has tried her best to deliver the dilemma of a teenage girl coming of age. But once she finds the right person she not only becomes responsible but becomes equally caring and concerned and compassionate for the person played by Ravnit Singh who ultimately marries and loves her unconditionally and tries to bring Joy and Harmony in the Family.

The biggest drawback of the film is erratic narrative, lopsided characterisations, technical flaws , bad editing and unpardonable continuity jerks. The ensemble cast has nothing much to do and so stick to what they are required to do.

There are songs and background music but nothing to mention about.

The Director has a good concept and tries his hardest and would have been able to get the desired results if he would have executed the way he conceived. But nonetheless needs to be more particular with the story line and stay more refined and defined while negotiating his next film ? project !!!!!

Love Shots-

Love Shots