Lootera : Only 3 hours of sleep for Sonakshi and Ranveer!

As the crew is shooting almost 4 hours away from Kolkata city in rural Bengal, they are having a tough time shooting the film.

The crew is staying in Kolkata city as no place to stay nearby the main location. It’s essentially Rural Bengal, a place called Khanyan.

So the cast & crew have to travel a good 4 hours minimum daily. To begin shooting in the morning, they need to leave at an unearthly hour like 3:30am or 4:30am and get back only around 8:30/9pm, just about eat, do some preparations for the next day then hit the sack, for hopefully for 3 hours only!!

Also they had crazy crowds first two days of outdoors pouring in from all corners of the fields. They had people helping from all departments to lock up vehicles, ,farmers,motorcycles,cyclists and general fans so that they were not visible in the frame while shooting. Balaji and Phantom Films is producing the film.

Vikas Bahl, one of the producers said – ” The crew including Sonakshi and Ranvir are working very hard to finish the schedule on time even if it means sleeping only for 3 hours. The initial two days we had crazy crowds pouring in when they heard Ranvir and Sonakshi were in town. But now, things are under control.”