“Let us fight our fears, let’s heal the world,”

“Let us fight our fears, let’s heal the world,”

Pilot turned Actress Tanya Mallik lends her helping hand for the victims of nature’s fury at U’khand by supporting Indriya!

Tanya Mallik, pilot who turns actress with her Bollywood debut in Sunil Darshan’s ‘Karle Pyaar Karle’ who is a philanthropist & an entrepreneur running Indriya Healing Center with her mother Preeti Mallik has been extensively helping the U’ khand victims through their organization undertaking spiritual healing.

Too young to achieve ‘High Achieving Women’ award in 2011 by the Ministry of Maharashtra, Tanya despite her busy schedule gearing up for her debut, she is pretty much active in helping & supporting Indriya with her mother, she mentions, “It is nature’s fury or a man made calamity, we don’t know but now is the time for action. People at U’khand need us, Indriya camps help in Spiritual healing, it is very necessary for the victims who have seen death so close try to forget it, they need to psychologically heal their minds.”

Tanya who has been an author to various articles on Health, Fitness & Motivation further mentions, “Helping others gives me this different pleasure altogether. My upbringing has been such, Indriya was my dream project which my mother helped me accomplish it & we run together.  Indriya is my baby; we help victims not only financially but also psychologically.”

The gorgeous Tanya Mallik with a more gorgeous heart mentions, “We are all wounded. But wounds are necessary for his healing light to enter into our beings. “

She concludes, “Let us fight our fears, and let’s heal the world.”