Legacy Of RDB Will Live On After Band Member Kuly’s Death

Thousands Of Fans Around The World Pay Tribute To Musical Genius of Bradford Producer

Millions of fans are continuing to pay their tributes to musician and producer Kuly from RDB, who passed away on the 22nd of May 2012.

The talented song writer, composer and producer will be missed by millions of fans from around the world after he sadly lost his battle with cancer. Kuly and his two brothers, Surj and Manj, who together form trio RDB, are responsible for some of Bollywood’s biggest hit movie tracks, including: Aaja Mahi, Singh is Kinng, Aloo Chaat and Shera di Kaum.

Fans from the UK, India, Pakistan, America and Canada have tweeted messages of condolence to Kuly’s family, and scores have left messages of support on the official RDB Facebook page. Fans have been sharing fond memories of Kuly and RDB, and reliving musical highlights. Many have cited how RDB’s music has been a defining point in their lives, shaping their musical tastes and younger days.

Below is a link to a fan’s poignant video, which he made in memory of Kuly. In the 12 minute montage, the fan talks about what he has learned from Kuly, what RDB means to him, and the great loss that the music industry has suffered.