Launch of Gurbani on Colors Starting March 18 at 10.30 PM every Monday to Friday ~

Launch of Gurbani on Colors Starting March 18 at 10.30 PM every Monday to Friday ~ 

In a small village in Punjab … Rano (played by Navni Parihar) dressed as a bride waits at the Station… runs after the train which is supposed to bring back her husband… she impatiently scans through every face which alights at the station … but to no avail!… Meet Rano, she isn’t a newlywed young woman but a 40 year old woman who has been married for 20 years… and waiting for her husband for the past 20 years at the very station she had last seen him… her NRI husband after their marriage had promised to return but never came back… at various stations in different villages for years, thousands of Ranos have been waiting for their NRI husbands but their wait sees no end!

Inspired by true stories and backed by research, COLORS presents viewers with a new fiction show Gurbani, a heart-wrenching tale that depicts state of young girls from Punjab who have been enticed into the NRI dream by their parents and are still waiting for their husbands to return and take them back. Captured in the tag line “Hazaro betiyaan Punjab Ki … Byah kar bhi nahin hui bida…” Gurbani goes beyond the norms of “And they lived happily ever after” and dares to show the harsh realities of marriages that are lured by the NRI tag! Set in the beautiful locales of Punjab, the story revolves around Gurbani, a young, lively girl from Amritsar who is forced into living her mother’s unrealized dream of getting married to a prosperous NRI suitor and enrich the family’s affluence. Not knowing what the future holds thereafter, Gurbani makes her families dream into hers! Starting March 18, 2013, viewers will get to witness Gurbani’s endearing tale that is inspired by true stories of many deserted brides from Monday – Friday at 10.30 pm only on COLORS!

Produced by Damini K Shetty’s Mystic Entertainment, Gurbani showcases the quintessential Punjabi culture, landscape and fanfare. Viewers will get a glimpse of various picturesque locations and a few iconic spots like Khasa railway station at the India and Pakistan border, Sirhind Canal near Ludhiana making it completely realistic

Talking about the show, Prashant Bhatt, Weekday Programming Head, COLORS said, “Gurbani’s story is inspired by true cases that we came across during our year long research on the subject. As they say, the effect is nothing but an extension of the cause. In this case with Gurbani, we wanted to highlight a very important issue of abandoned NRI brides and how parents need to change their mind set, be more cautious about the choice they are making for their daughters. The show has the perfect combination of strong characters, a socially-relevant subject and a riveting storyline.

Talking on the launch of the show, Damini Shetty, Producer, Mystic Entertainement, said, ““Moving from writing on paper to reproducing work on screen, Gurbani is a dream project for me. Working with a cast that is a mixture of veterans and fresh faces, the show offers viewer’s a unique insight into the Punjabi culture. It not only brings in the authentic Punjabi flavor with its mannerisms and dialects, but also enhances the overall experience with picturesque of locations like Khasa railway station at the India and Pakistan border and Sirhind Canal near Ludhiana. With its endearing tale, Gurbani will touch a chord with the viewer for its harsh portrayal of reality while yet maintaining the elements of anticipation, drama and suspense.

The show also brings on board noted Sufi singer Harshdeep Kaur in an unconventional role of narrating Gurbani’s journey to the viewers through music. Talking about her association, Harshdeep said, “As it has been rightly said -What can’t be said, can be sung. However, it is not just a song, but a story of girl and her dilemma as a bride that I am narrating in verses which takes the story ahead. I am excited to be part of a show like Gurbani which has a powerful concept and gives out a strong message.”

Debutante Shefali Sharma who plays Gurbani’s character said, “Roles like these are written once in a lifetime and it’s an absolute honour for me to be playing Gurbani. I have always aspired to be an actor and through this show I will put in all that I have learnt through my theatre background. It’s an incredible opportunity for me to not just fulfill my dreams but also work towards protecting the dreams of many girls like me who have had to face opposition and given in to the demands of parents and society.”

Veteran actor Navni Parihar who plays Rano said, “I would say had it not been for the role of Rano I might not have decided to return to television. This show is not just another name added to the many shows that get launched but a step forward towards bring in more awareness and

making a difference to some lives. I believe that one has to be the change that you want to see, I am hoping through my character Rano, I can save many Ranos in the future.”

The show brings together an authentic cast that spells Punjabi flavour like veteran actors Navni Parihar (Rano), Suraj Thapar (Nirvail Mama)and Rita Bhaduri (Dadi) who will add their experience and flair to the show. Adding a dose of freshness to the cast are actors Shefali Sharma (Gurbani), Neha Bagga (Rajji), Adhvik Mahajan (Sohum), Ekkta Singh (Desho) amongst others.

 Will Gurbani be another Rano? What happens when she marries the man of her dreams?

Does she leave the country with her NRI husband and see the good life?

Stay tuned to find out more on Gurbani,

Monday – Friday at 10.30 pm only on COLORS!