Mumbai dwellers get set for the gastronomy voyage and experience the best in food & beverages at Drinking Kulture, 202, Lotus Trade Center, New Link Road, Next to Audi Mumbai West showroom, Andheri ( West) from 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM. Contact no.- 9820316424

For the party enthusiasts of Mumbai, “Drinking Kulture” is the latest foray into the world of lounges and bars. The impeccable launch of “Drinking Kulture” saw the very fashionable domiciles of Mumbai including Bollywood, Television, and Fashion amongst those some of the regular faces of the social circuit Subhash Ghai, Hrishtaa Bhatt, Garima Pandey , Sandip Soparkar, Rajeev Paul, Smita Gondkar, Pragati Mehra, Basannt R Rasiwasia, Gurmeet Choudhary, Debina Bonerjee, Deepshikha Nagpal with Keshav Arora, Hard Kaur, Rakesh Paul, Rajeev Paul, Aditya Sigh Rajput, Ramji gulati, Amit Gaur, Aziz Zee, Shakir Shaikh, Darshan Rawal, Sandip Soaprkar, Sandhya Shetty, Mohamad Morani, Yogesh Lakhani, Munisha Khatwani, Ankita Goswami, Abhishekh Awasthi, Jyoti Saxena, Ejaz Khan etc. the guiding force behind , were present.


 If you are a part of the town and would like to experiment with food and booze then “Drinking Kulture” is worth a dekho. 

Nimish Ratnakar of Wallstreet Hospitality, owner of “Drinking Kulture” and an Ex Captain says “We assure that Drinking Kulture promises to be your best bet when you need to wind down after a long week! We believe that while the place will leave a pleasant and long lasting impression to all its visitors, it should also appeal to a broader canvas of customers ranging from the local to the international”

Amit  Manani of Wallstreet Hospitality, owner of “Drinking Kulture” and a renowned Builder of Pune indicates “Drinking Kulture is a well define place what Mumbai was missing about, our main highlight is to genre all ages of crowd by our various components of generous themed nights. We have a wide range of thermal menu & global trends of spirits at reasonable amount. After travelling throughout the world we have personally placed everything what our vision could place into reality”

Rahul Rai, of Wallstreet Hospitality owner of “Drinking Kulture” & Transport Industry says “ In the last few years, a number of lounges and bars have contributed to raising the city’s spirits, but Drinking Kulture  promises to be the very first one of its kind to take the stature of bars and lounges a notch higher at affordable rates without comprising on the quality”


“Drinking Kulture” is probably the only lounge in Mumbai with Martin Sound installed which enjoys an international reputation for supplying superb professional loudspeaker systems across the spectrum. With the installation of these speaker, the owners aim that every guest should enjoy an exceptional sonic experience. “Drinking Kulture” will be the movers & shakers of professional visual dream with the use of Madrix lights at the lounge. “Drinking Kulture” has taken another step into the digital future with MiniMe technology at the lounge. MiniMe is an effects lighting luminaire with the addition of full video output. Custom artwork, still photographs and video can also be simply uploaded for projection, whilst live video can be streamed through the High Definition Multimedia Interface input.

“Drinking Kulture” can be an isolated & hibernating paradise for the entire social bracket. Designed to exude vibrance, “Drinking Kulture” offers its guest a panoramic menu with exotic cocktails like- Death By Chocolate, Black Magic, Seven Island Ice Tea, Weed Martini, Barbeque NY Style and many more. The lounge offers varied , thematic menus through the year drawing seasonal and global trends of cocktail & tapas at reasonable amount.


The place boasts of a brilliant kitchen with an exhaustive menu of different cuisine delights like- Asian Zoodle Bowl (noodles made out of zucchini ), Turkish Lahmacún Flat Bread Lentil & Beetroot Sliders, The Tikka- Trixx (Consists of a variety of flavorful Tikkas served with house Aoili and fresh mint dip). It promises to transport gourmands as a day to night party spot from 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM and a captivating experience for the connoisseur serving eclectic Indian street food, Fusion cuisines, different brands of liquor in all shapes and sizes at inexpensive rates specially curated menu to indulge in gastronomical delights.

“Drinking Kulture” will have the best of National & International Djs performing live to make the crowd groove to the tunes of EDM, House, BDM and many more. Come at night and the venue transforms into a hip nightclub as the elevated decibels of music and an extensive bar menu lead Mumbai’s crème-de-la-crème & the fashionable circle into the night.

“Drinking Kulture” is synonymous with urban lifestyle. “Drinking Kulture” has deeply looked into every aspect of space planning, presentation etc. while designing the lounge and bar. The interiors make comprehensive use of design innovation combined with the principles of flawless service circulation, strategic location placement and planning. The interiors have raised the bar to create benchmarks in higher levels of comfort, privacy and lighting.

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Based in Andheri, the place is blessed with a brilliant ambiance and décor.  The place is touted to be patronized by the city’s elite bunch. The food served at “Drinking Kulture” is equally sinful.

For all those who are impressed by “Drinking Kulture”, the owners plan to open another place by March end.