Launch of Bestsellin​​g Author of ‘The New Indian Marriage’ series – Vijay Nagaswami’​​s 3rd book 3’s A CROWD that deals with infidelity and how to survive it.

Affairs are not the product of our times. Infidelity hasinformed our history, religious stories and culture since time immemorial.Modern technology and freer mingling of the sexes only slightly help.

It is not only the aggrieved partner that needs to learn howto recover from the shock and pain caused by an adulterous spouse. Theperpetrator is equally a victim of the affair.

And sometimes that help backfires. As anyone whose ‘secret’ textmessages on his cellphone have been discovered by a suspicious partner. Suchsurprises and insightful observations abound in yet another robust book byrenowned relationships counsellor Vijay Nagaswami, in the third of Westland’s‘New Indian Marriage’ series.

More than humour, more than his wit, Nagaswami’s greatestquality is his refusal to point out the villain in any piece. We are all flawedindividuals, he reminds us yet again, and sometimes make foolish choices in theheat – or boredom – of the moment. But hope is at hand. We CAN regret, forgiveand learn to love again.

And, most importantly, cast away our guilt and ourrecriminations.

Release Type: Original

Price: Rs. 250/-

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Westland

Genre: Self-help

Page Extent: 308 pp

Territory: World

About the Author:

Vijay Nagaswami is a Chennai-based psychiatrist and has workedclosely with relationships for over twenty-five years. Innumerable couples fromall over the country have benefitted from his marital intervention and hiswriting. He has written three books, including the bestselling The 24x7Marriage and The Fifty-Marriage, these two as part of a series called ‘The NewIndian Marriage’.

3’s a Crowd, the third in this series, deals with infidelityand how to survive it. He also writes a column for The Hindu called ‘TheShrinking Universe’ and is featured in other national and regional publicationstoo. He regularly conducts workshops for couples and corporates on relationshipmanagement.

He draws inspiration for his work from Usha, his wife, andtheir twenty-two-year-old marriage.