Latest Bollywood sensation and queen of Rs.100cr club, Sonakshi Sinha adds glamour to World Kabaddi League; Co-owns the United Singhs team

Latest Bollywood sensation and queen of Rs.100cr club, Sonakshi Sinha adds glamour to World Kabaddi League;

Co-owns the United Singhs team

The hot and glamorous cinestar Sonakshi Sinha today announced her association with World Kabaddi League which is slated to kickstart from August 9th in London. Owner of the coveted title of most Rs100cr flicks, Sonakshi has bought the United Singhs team alongwith The Hayre Group of UK. She is the third celebrity to associate with the League after Akshay Kumar and Honey Singh.


This is the first time Sonakshi has associated herself with a sport of this kind. Speaking to media and her fans at a meet in Mumbai, Sonakshi said, “I am really excited to be part of World Kabaddi League. This is my first such endeavour. Kabaddi is a fast paced sport and I am looking forward to some adrenalin rush moments during the League.” Sonakshi is likely to travel along with her team as much as possible. The lucky charm of tinsel town is all geared up for five months of excitement.

Sonakshi is already making amends in her shooting dates so that her commitment to World Kabaddi League is intact. “Please, please, please support World Kabaddi League as this is surely taking Kabaddi places,” she said.

“We are very excited with the support World Kabaddi League is getting from various celebrated personalities. Sonakshi is truly a gem in the crown. We are confident that her association will add to the growing fan following of the League,” Pargat Singh, Commissioner, World Kabaddi League said.

World Kabaddi League will present the sport to its fans in a completely new avatar by adding more action-oriented elements. The maiden Indian contact sport which has committed fan following across the globe will soon be pegged amongst the most followed game amongst enthusiasts. WKL will be played in Circle style which is the most popular kabaddi format followed across 26 countries globally.

Earlier this month, bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and also endorsed the League by buying a team. The actor has always been enthusiastic in promoting fitness and sports which encouraged him to take this decision. He believes that Kabaddi is an authentic sport that puts up raw power for display and keeps the adrenalin rushing at all times.

Mr. Talwinder Singh, Hayre Group said, “It gives me immense pleasure to have an A-list actor like Sonakshi to be a co-team owner. Her movies are eagerly watched internationally and am sure she can make Kabaddi look cool as a sport to play and follow. She has some very innovative winning strategies up her sleeve that she continues to share with me and my players. We will play to win and I am sure the fans will enjoy it thoroughly.”


WKL aims to become the go-to brand when it comes to sports entertainment or delivering value to its partners and sponsors. WKL as a brand embodies strength, power, agility, tactic, entertainment, masculinity and aggression. It is taking an indigenous Indian sport to the world and redefining it for the Indian audience.

It gives Kabaddi a ‘gladiatorial’ persona and adds loads of spunk and aura. We need to vie for a niche currently occupied by well-established sports like soccer and cricket. Our visual identity, tone and texture is global and aspirational.

About WKL (World Kabaddi League)

World Kabaddi League is a society registered with the registrar of firms & societies having its registered office at Chandigarh & Corporate office at Gurgaon. The aim of the organization is to build a dynamic and sustainable global sports league that grows circle style Kabaddi as a Professional sport and engages fans and business associates with world class sports entertainment, better value and best experience and service.

The organization is committed towards driving mileage for a holistic ecosystem where fans transcend nationalities and actively participate amongst themselves, their teams and the league partners, thus becoming a truly global audience. The society respects the rich tradition of Kabaddi and simultaneously would focus on making the sport contemporary. WKL has generated immense excitement amongst a cross section of investors including repertoires from popular cultures, Corporate India, Private Equity investors, & NRI’s.

The world league will take the sport to state of the art venues and provide our guests with better entertainment in a clean, secure and comfortable environment.