Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 Season Closed With a Grand Finale that Presented Sensational Collections by Kallol Datta 1955 and Pankaj – Nidhi

Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 Season Closed With a Grand Finale that Presented Sensational Collections by Kallol Datta 1955 and Pankaj – Nidhi

Mumbai, Tuesday, August 07, 2012: It was a Grand Finale, the likes of which had not been seen in India for a long time. The sensational collections by Kallol Datta 1955 and Pankaj – Nidhi, made the audience leap up to give a standing ovation to these three designers. The show shook the very roots of the fashion world during the Grand Finale to end the Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 season and celebrate the launch of the latest Lakmé Absolute Monochrome makeup line.

Pioneering beauty trends for the modern and bold Indian woman, Lakmé launched its latest style statement – Lakmé Absolute Monochrome – a collection of chic, edgy and glamorous looks styled to perfectly suit the contrasting roles of the Indian woman. The Monochrome Day and Monochrome Night Looks highlighted the ramp at the Lakmé Grand Finale adorned by the creations of fashion visionaries Kallol Datta 1955 and Pankaj-Nidhi.

Sharply graphic, Monochrome is a look that reflects the colour blocking trend in fashion, and channels attention to one part of the face to maximize the impact of make-up. Lakmé Absolute Monochrome looks have been put together with the Lakmé Absolute range of high performance make-up. Colour vignettes for face, lips, eyes and nails, this range promises intense colour and a flawless finish along with a 16-hour impeccable performance. Packed with skin enhancing ingredients, this super luxurious long wear range perfectly balances beauty and science.

Kallol Datta said, “For a designer like me, doing the Lakmé Grand Finale was very intimidating. It was also a huge jump from doing regular shows to doing such a big finale for Lakmé. But I’ll have to say that the Lakmé team have handheld me through most of the stages and working with them was a fantastic experience. As for Kareena wearing my designs, she has a fabulous body and can carry off pretty much any look. But I’ve never seen her in something like what I would normally make. So it was an added bonus for me to see someone who is known for her style aesthetic, to wear something this different and carry it off so well.”

“We are overwhelmed with the great response that everyone has given for this collection.  For a duo like us who have always used tons of colour in our creations, the Monochrome Palette was a new challenge and its great to see how everyone is really loving this new side of us. Working on this grand finale with Lakmé and Kareena Kapoor has been a fantastic experience right from the drawing board to the ramp. We couldn’t have asked for more”, said Pankaj and Nidhi Ahuja.

Purnima Lamba, Head-Innovations, Lakmé said, “Monochrome reflects Lakme’s commitment to shaping trends in color cosmetics for the Indian woman. Our consumer likes to stay on top of trends with her stylish looks. Lakme Fashion Week will continue to inspire us to introduce style statements reflecting the fashion trends of the season. The show was brilliant and we were thrilled to have creative and futuristic designers like Kallol Datta and Pankaj-Nidhi to interpret Lakmé Monochrome on the ramp and use it as a palette for their designs for the Grand Finale. Also we’d like to thank Clint Fernandes for his stunning work on the make-up show. It was another first to enhance the intrinsic co-dependency between make-up and fashion and at the same time showcase budding talent in the make-up world.”

The ballroom of Hotel Grand Hyatt was decorated with yards of white tulle on the walls. Three glass frames in abstract forms were suspended from the ceiling and the backdrop covered with the steel squares revolved to reveal gleaming mirrors when the show commenced.

The evening started with a lively audio visual of the new Lakmé Absolute Monochrome range featuring the beautiful Kareena Kapoor, which set the stage for the Monochrome Makeup Show by Lakmé expert, Clint Fernandes.

From behind the acrylic partition on top of the ramp emerged 11 models wearing the most exciting and avant garde makeup for eyes, lips and nails. Clad in black jumpsuits, the very adventurous line of makeup looks showed the expertise of Clint Fernandes in creating the Lakmé Absolute Monochrome collection.

The fashion presentation that followed was a mind-blowing line up of garments which could only be described as the most intellectually creative creations that had not been seen for a very long time.

Kallol Datta 1955

Kallol Datta 1955, the opening designer and India’s rising star at the Grand Finale was inspired by the Lakmé absolute monochrome look which comprised block eye and natural blush for day wear while the night look had red hot lips and muted eyes.

Kallol Datta 1955’s fifteen looks were a colourful mélange of four print stories called “Cuts”. Putting together with great expertise, Kallol’s 54 piece mix-and-match line had the designer’s wonderful construction techniques in wool, silk, leather and cotton.
Inspired by the black and white of the Lakmé Absolute Monochrome range, with a hint of colours, the intricately crafted garments told a wonderful story of unconventional elegance.

Rouched tunics with the faces, snails, mating or abstract safety pins prints were used for voluminous skirts, slashed sleeves, long gowns with fabric tassels, giant choirboy collars with fabric edges, and tops with unbalanced tie-ups. Detailing appeared in the form of deep or tiny pockets, steel plackets, slashed wide sleeves, neck bands with switch like detailing, numerous tie-ups and cascades for boleros.

Each garment created a mental magic for the audience as they marveled at the constructing skills of Kallol and his very avant garde creativity. A solitary sari in black and white snail print with a loose blouse and lots of tie-ups gave the ethnic garment a futuristic look.

Ending the show was the beautiful Lakmé Absolute brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor who looked stunning in a black and white snail print hoodie tunic over a black body suit.

Pankaj – Nidhi

Closing the Grand Finale, Pankaj-Nidhi, international award winning designers were inspired for their 18 garments by the lakmé absolute monochrome look which comprised winged eye and creamy lips for the day while for the night it was smokey eyes and nude lips.

It was a contemporary play of kaleidoscopic patterns by Pankaj-Nidhi for their collection called ‘Monochrome’ with geometrics and origami at centre stage for the Grand Finale show. Textures were rich as quilting, multi layers, fine cord, lattice and wool crewel work was created from diverse fabrics like silk, leather, wool and at times sheer and opaque materials. Keeping the silhouettes stark and geometric there were angular cuts for asymmetric jackets, which will surely be a trend for the coming season.

Colours were strong with white and black being the base with flashes of cobalt green, and bits of fuchsia red. The craftsmanship of the garments was unbelievable as cape coats and asymmetric skirts glided down the ramp. The whole collection was shown on black body suits to keep the attention firmly on the garments. Giant collars, boxy tunics, gilets, crossover coats, matty weave ponchos, kimono style gowns, shawl wrap tops, and basket weave waistcoats were amazing in their finish and craftsmanship.
Gradually adding green, yellow, pink and a hint of multicolour for shrugs, sheaths and skirts with layered scaled effect, the designing pair stunned the audience further with the 3D giant flowers on black sheath and the architecture weave creation.

The show ended with gorgeous Lakmé Absolute brand ambassador, Kareena Kapoor in a cutwork high collar tasselled tunic and black tights.

As the audience rose cheering the unique creativity of Kallol Datta 1955 and Pankaj-Nidhi, a burst of confetti rained down to a brilliant show. The Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 Grand Finale will not be forgotten for a very long time as one of the most fantastic show of all shows to launch the Lakmé Absolute Monochrome line.