Kya Huaa Tera Vaada 11th October 2012 Thursday 10:00pm

Kya Huaa Tera Vaada 11th October 2012 Thursday 10:00pm

 Synopsis of the Episode

Anushka thinks hard about who might be able to help her… She has a flash of Vineet signing the power of attorney in her name… then she nods and says, Vineet will have to help me… whether he wants to or not… at market when Suhasi is shopping The oldies exchange looks and says Suhasi is not doing right by re-marrying her daughter-in-law.. ab pote-potiyaan kiska naam lenge… Suhasi says The children will tell the whole world that they have four set of grandparents! Two from the father’s side… and two from the mother’s!’ Mona’s mother tells suhasi, ‘When it’s time to give Mona away, I want you to do the kanyadaan!’ Vineet walks in as Mona opens the door, Mallika seeing them starts clapping and walks out, saying, ‘Wah! Watching you two, no one can say that you guys are engaged and U r agreeing to get married only because Papa wants it… We see Alok has walked out says, ‘Mona… is it true?!’ Mona is in a fix and Vineet now defends Mona and says, The accusation that you are harping on… that she has agreed to this marriage only at Uncle’s instance is – Absolutely true… She is just coming to terms with the new situation in her life. From 12 years she was living a particular life… and suddenly it was snatched away from her… I am ready to give Mona her time.. So what is the problem really Mallika ji?’ Mona gratefully looks at him with tears of gratitude.

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