Kundali Bhagya shows romance brewing between Karan and Preeta one day before it airs only on ZEE5

Kundali Bhagya shows romance brewing between Karan and Preeta one day before it airs only on ZEE5 

Karan and Preeta's in Kundali Bhagya-

Kundali Bhagya is one of the most popular shows currently airing, the series has a massive following and fans eagerly wait to see what happens next. Now, their wait doesn’t have to be that long as fans can watch episodes of their favourite tv series one day before it airs only on ZEE5.
Karan and Preeta's in Kundali Bhagya

Here’s what happens this week:

Karan- Preeta moment where in Karan  feeds Preeta with his own hands and without realising that Preeta is upto a mischief and bites his hand. Karan talks about doing the same to her but kisses her hands and talks about never hurting her but protecting her.

Mahira almost gets caught by Rakhee but covers up by talking about pouring the sweet dish for Preeta. Sherleen gets to know of what Mahira did and looks tensed. Mahira talks about Preeta not surviving now at any cost and Rakhee unknowingly doing the job for her. Sherleen snaps at Mahira for all that she did. Mahira denies listening to her.

Karan notices that Preeta is feeling cold and he takes a shawl and wraps her in it while hugging her. Rakhee unintentionally walks inside and gets embarrassed and quickly moves away.

Sherleen fakes dizziness and makes sure that the sweet dish falls. Mahira goes upset and takes Sherleen along. Mahira pissed calls Sherleen Preeta’s friend for she is siding her but Sherleen shuts her up talking about it being a risky plan because they had used the same poison earlier and anyone would have co related the same.

Preeta gets emotional thinking about her father and Sarla and how things will change the following morning for Sarla will get arrested again. Karan sees Preeta and talks about taking her to Sarla Ma. Preeta emotional just hugs him.

Ramona gets to know of what Mahira did with sweet dish and scolds her for being so careless. She talks about being behind bars if Sherleen would have not tackled the situation. Mahira apologies to her mother.

Karan drops Preeta at Sarla house and Preeta and Karan both talk about missing each other. Aroras get worried with Preeta coming home late night but she talks about missing them and having come over to stay with them for a while. All get emotional. Mahira goes restless getting flashes of Karan – Preeta at KC pooja and she gets up then gets another flash of Ramona telling her to be close to Sherleen and she goes out to apologise to Sherleen. Sarla- Shrishti – Preeta emotional moment.

Rakhee comes to Karan’s room and doesn’t find Preeta there. She wakes  Karan up and asks him about Preeta and gets to know that she has gone to Arora house. Rakhee praises Preeta and we see Sherleen has overheard their conversation  and looks pissed. Janki tensed at Sarla landing in jail tomorrow takes boxes of sweets and goes out to throw them but Shrishti – Preeta try to stop her but Janki denies and ladoos fall on ground when Sarla comes and scolds Janki. Preeta keeps  looking at the ladoos and concludes that these are not the ones that she ate and they talk about  Mahira or Sherleen having done this. Preeta talks about doing something ASAP to save Sarla.

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