Kshay – Film Review – An Absorbing Cinema

Film: Kshay – Film Review

Producer: Karan Gour, Shaan Vyas

Director: Karan Gour

Cast: Rasika Dugal, Alekh Sangal, Nitika Anand.

Color: Black & White

Duration: 92 minutes.


The story revolves around a lower middle class couple Arvind (Alekh Sangal), working with a construction site and Chhaya (Rasika Dugal) a housewife with an artistic streak in her. They lead a near normal life till an unfinished sculpture of Goddess Laxmi catches her fancy. Now how this mere innocent attraction towards Goddess Laxmi and her instant urge to just buy it off, had it not been for the price factor! And now how it becomes a mad obsession to the level of insanity forms the crux of the film.

Somewhere along the lines the Director is successful in bringing along and conveying a strong message that however easy going and normal life we lead, that there are some demons in everyone of us if not curtailed at the infant stage turns monstrous and can show its ugly face when  you are at your wits end. Instead of giving in to fulfill her irrational wish to achieve her fancy in due course, if Arvind had dissuaded her and shown her the reality of their financial condition and stayed firm and rigid than this situation could have been avoided. But like they say “ifs” & “Buts”, which never happens. A person flows with time and circumstances and such situations keep on cropping up and may end up positively too, but mostly that is not the case to be.

It appears like the film is shot by two man team of Director and Cameraman along with the concerned artiste, as we see the narrative unfold. Rasika Dugal as an obsessed Chhaya comes across very strongly and virtually takes you and involves you in her illusory world. She is able to display her vulnerability and eccentricity quite convincingly. Alekh Sangal as Arvind has done an equally good job and looks very lovable and is able to bring out those levels of helplessness and frustration quite easily. These new breed of young talents are the need of today’s cinema and are scoring very nicely given the right role and platform. Nitika Anand as Shruti has done her small cameo with equal ease as a sort of sounding board and a concerned neighbor. She has not much to do, but certainly lends a human angle in Chhaya’s world of eccentricity and comes across as a relief in the madness surrounding the couple.

It’s an out and out Directors vision as we see through his performers and a good debut attempt by Karan Gour an Independent filmmaker in the direction of Independent Cinema. His contribution in producing, editing, writing and music score along with Direction asks for applause none the less. A very commendable effort must say! Cameraman Abhinay Khoparzi has done his bit in complementing the director’s vision with added visual effects and stark Black & White photography.

Having won awards at International level “Kshay” made on a minimal budget, has an appeal and a very strong message, which suggests that never go overboard, be it your passion, madness or obsession.

A study film for film enthusiasts, film buff’s and if you want to experience an absorbing cinema just go and have a Dekho!!!