KS Miss Maxim 2012 Grand Finale in Mumbai

KS Miss Maxim 2012Grand Finale in Mumbai

 The grand finale of the KS Miss Maxim 2012 was held at F BAR, Mumbai on 23rd December 2012 in search for the hottest, most sensational girl in the country.  Tall Lissome beauty from Bangalore Chesz Adhya Shetty won the coveted title of ” KS Miss Maxim ! ”

The KS Miss Maxim 2012 pageant is this year’s chapter of the annual property started by Maxim magazine, India’s leading men’s magazines.

The judge the finale was Ayushman Khurana (Bollywood Actor), Subi Samuel (Photographer), Narendra Kumar (Designer) and Vivek Pareek (Editor Maxim).

The launch of the KS Miss Maxim 2012 contest started with the glittering ceremony in Delhi in October this year and the pageant traveled the lengths of the country hosting KS Miss Maxim 2012 auditions events and KS Maxim After parties in multiple cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Chandigarh,

now the pageant landed in Mumbai again for the grand finale and to crown the winner of the KS Miss Maxim 2012.

The pageant event was followed by a rocking celebration and an after party, hosted by KS & Maxim in association with Shikhar Sidharth.

About Miss Maxim:
The KS Miss Maxim pageant has established itself as the ultimate benchmark when it comes to a woman’s sex appeal and personality. KS Miss Maxim is the only pageant in the world that judges women on who they are, and not what they are. A KS Miss Maxim winner is judged on her hotness, her attitude and how well she carries herself. The focus here is on the girl’s attitude and persona that makes her stand out as not just sensuous and glamorous but also confident and charismatic. The KS Miss Maxim winner is someone who is proud and confident of her sensuality and has the courage and persona to carry it with élan. She is a woman of today who is not afraid to make bold choices and stands by her conviction.