Krrish 3 trailer gets 12 Million views

Krrish 3 trailer gets 12 Million views
The Krissh 3 trailer is breaking records of two hollywood superhero movies which released last year.
Thor and Avengers 2 had about 4 million and 6 million views.
Krissh 3 is breaking the records by getting 12 million views in just 10 days.
Hrithik Roshan could not be happier. “It is a glimpse of how much lies beyond the barriers of the conventional. It’s an effort to raise the bar. And people are curious as it is the first complete Indian high budget VFX-heavy superhero movie. I guess these could justify the incredible response to the first promo. The number now is around 12.8 million,” he says.
Director Rakesh Roshan adds that it is a ‘super feat’. He says, “I am humbled at this overwhelming response. It is only because of the ‘super’ brand called Krrish. I’m showing them Krrish again after seven years. I thought people would have forgotten but they want to see it again! I knew people would like the trailer but not to this extent. This one was the toughest to make as with Krrish 3 I went to a completely new genre so I was learning new things.”